What Ukrainian startups called the best in 2018

Startups from Vinnitsa has created an online service that transports the President of Argentina and the Sejm of Poland.

The application called Restream. At the same time can realize the online broadcast on 30 platforms. Among them Facebook, Youtube, Periscope.

Ukrainian innovative products and services bought abroad, and a campaign to raise funds get huge amount of investors from around the world. Some of them have won competitions and received awards and prizes.

In Ukraine there are about 3 million start-up companies. The most successful of the IT sector.

Gazeta.ua have prepared a selection of the most famous Ukrainian startups 2018. They claimed the annual prize from the biggest search service for startups Product Hunt Golden Kitty Awards. The list includes seven Ukrainian start-up company. Won the top three.

Grammarly Keyboard

Company Grammarly has introduced a mobile keyboard to correct errors in the messages in English. This startup was in the category “Mobile app of the year”.

Keyboard corrects grammatical and punctuation errors. The algorithms developed by leading world authorities in the field of linguistic technologies. They capture contextual not only grammar and spelling errors, and convoluted sentences, correct them.


The specialists of patent law firm Prima Veritas, the Juscutum law firms and lexnet.io has developed a chat bot Patentbot for Facebook Messenger. It facilitates the service of trademark registration for Ukrainian business.

This development in Product Hunt filed for nominations “Boat of the year”.


PatentBot. Photo: espreso.tv

Applying for registration costs 500 UAH. This is 3-4 times cheaper than the market average prices.

Through the bot you can check not busy is the trade mark, and then enter the necessary registration data and pay for the service.

Headset Hushme

Device Hushme turns the conversation to incomprehensible text. If the phrase per meter are the people, they did not hear the conversation.

The device looks strange, but the tool keeps privacy of conversations and easy to use. So he got in the nomination “The strangest product of the year”.

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Petcube Bites

In a nomination “The strangest product of the year” were also Petcube Bites. This is a device that produces pet food as a reward or remotely distributes the results of the portions in equal intervals of time.

The device allows users to see, speak and record video pet. Petcube is unique in that allows a pet to start the interaction. When a pet is fond of camera, video recording is automatically activated. The clip is transferred to the owner as the message in the app.

The owners can accept the “request” video call from your pet, keep the clip on the answering machine, share it on social networks.

Flawless App

Product that allows you to control the quality of the implementation of mobile design and saves time in editing. Flawless compares mobile design implementation developer and shows error.

A plugin for the designer automatically generates the guideline. The developer directly in the IDE receives these guidelines in the form of ready blocks of code. Pull graphic elements in the code. After implementation, a developer compares how what he did meets the design that was supposed to come out in real time.

This development fell into the category “Design tool of the year”.


Is a graphic editor from the Ukrainian company Depositphotos. It is possible to prepare advertising and promotional materials without design skills using free templates, backgrounds, logos.

You can create graphics in 29 ready formats: posts the materials for rassilon, a brand page, postcards, posters, flyers and gift certificates.

More than 6 thousand of free templates and 10 thousand design elements. Main functions of the app do not require payment. Development fell into the category “Design tool of the year”.

Library macOS applications Setapp

She was nominated “product of the year”.

Ukrainian developer MacPaw has launched a service Setapp library elected macOS application developers with access by subscription.

Setapp users will have access to all programs instead of buying each program separately as in the official Apple store.

The cost of a fixed – for $ 9.99 (about 300 UAH) per month. The first month of use free.

The first award was given to the project “Setapp”. The Second PatentBot. The winner of the competition was the app Petcube Bites.

At the International investment business forum “Volyn-invest 2018” Volyn Anatoly Kharchuk showed its own development. He created a vehicle – a recumbent with an electric drive on four wheels.


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