What Ukrainian film 2018 you think is the best? The survey

2018 for Ukrainian cinema was really productive in rolling out more than 20 feature films. During the years of independence is the record for the number of domestic films.

The last three years, the cinema of the Ukraine is experiencing a Renaissance. Remember that in 2016, rolling out 16 feature films, in 2017 – 17. But it is not only the quantity but also the quality of our tapes regularly collect awards at film festivals.

In particular, the film “Donbass” Sergei Loznitsa, though not included in the shortlist for the Academy award, but it is the most titled Ukrainian film of the year. In the Bank, in particular, the award for best Director at the Cannes film festival (certain regard), as well as victory in the Indian and Cairo international film festivals and the European film Festival in Seville.

The trailer for the film “Donbass”: watch the video


Tape “When a tree falls” Marysia nikitiuk received the “Silver peacock” at Indian international film festival, the National critics award “Kinokolo” as the opening year and the film has had numerous nominations at the Berlin film festival.

Meanwhile, animated film “the Stolen Princess” continues to tour the world. In 2019 will be released in China. In General, the cartoon had already shown in more than 40 countries, and 2019, the release is planned in the countries of Central America, Spain, South Africa and South Korea.

“The stolen Princess”: watch the video trailer


Cartoon “the Stolen Princess” in national hire has collected 36 million in just 8 weeks. “Swingers” in the beginning of the year grossed 22 million hryvnia, the same amount and the Comedy “DZIDZIO First time.” Tape “a Crazy Wedding” is completely returned, the allocated funds for the film production of the state is transferred to the account of the Agency 1 175 590 UAH. Comedy is a champion at the box office among Ukrainian films – 54 534 019 UAH.

Trailer for the movie “Crazy marriage”: watch the video


In rolling out movies that relate exclusively to the Ukrainian history and identity: “call Banderas” – the war in the Donbass, “the Secret diary of Simon Petlyura” – about the last years of political and military figure, “Wild Field” – on the bestseller by Sergei Zhadan “vorochilovgrad”. Happy Ukrainian cinema and good comedies, adventure and fantasy films – “Weaving”, “Hero of my time”, “the adventures of Nicholas S”, “I, You, He, She”, “Bobot and the energy of the universe”, “Noble hobo”. This is not a complete list…



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