What to give for Christmas 2018: useful gadgets

To the new year and Christmas holidays useful gadget dreams of almost everyone, but not everyone can afford them. However, the market is now quite cheap and interesting devices.

Techno 24 have prepared for you a selection of interesting gifts for the Christmas season.

Baby gifts


Despite the belief that electronic thing of the past, they remain popular among users. So the book would be a good gift for a child, and not only.

On the market now there are a lot of offers at different prices. However, when choosing e-books for yourself or your child, you should pay attention to several characteristics.

To start is to determine the size and type of screen. Note that the screen size of the e-book can be varied (from 5 inches to 11.5 inches) and when in the first case, you get a device the size of a smartphone in the second, you will have to hold a book almost as big as a sheet of A4. However, the size of the display depends on the user’s preference.

Another important thing to look for when choosing an e-book is the type of display. He is only two options: E Ink (also called electronic paper) and LCD (LCD, TFT, which is used for smartphones, tablets and laptops). Of course, E Ink is much better for the eye, because almost no has no effect on them and it looks like an ordinary sheet of paper.

Also, when choosing an e-book pay attention to management, does the device support touch controls. However, this item is just a matter of your personal convenience. Also, pay attention to battery capacity and the amount of built-in storage. Note that books with E Ink display is much energy efficient and do not require batteries at 2000 milliamp hours for optimal performance.

A review of the ebook from Amazon – see the video


And of course the price. Quality e-book can be purchased for around 800 UAH. However, the price range of this product reaches 3000 hryvnia. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend on the appropriate device.

Smart watch

Another useful device, which can be necessary for your child is the smart watch. Of course, kids, the device has other functions than the same watch for adults and some of them will be discussed.

One of the most interesting and useful feature of these devices is the ability to track the whereabouts of your child. The gadget allows you to display the coordinates of the location booked you on the phone.

In addition, the smart watch support SIM cards, so your child will always. Note that you should not expect from this device a full replacement of the smartphone, however, phone book may contain up to 10 emergency numbers that the child can call.

Kids smart watch Smart baby Q528

Among the features of these smart-watches are also worth mentioning functions of the fitness tracker. It as a wristband, tracks steps, calories burned and even has the function of monitoring the baby’s sleep. Also available information on level of charge and the usual date and time.

An electric skateboard

Alternative transport are gaining more and more popularity and this gift is exactly like your child. Such vehicles are light and compact, moreover, is inexpensive. The price of the vehicle starts from 1500 UAH.

About all the advantages and disadvantages of this form of transport, you can read more in our material.

Gifts for girls

Smart watch

Every girl watching their health and figure, so this gift is sure she will love it. Women’s smart watches look very stylish and have many useful features.

This year, such devices became especially popular and that’s why a lot of them and different prices. Of course, watches from famous brands such as Samsung or Apple, will cost from 10 thousand UAH, but there are alternative proposals.

A smart watch from Ukrainian startup Force

For example, a smart watch from Ukrainian startup Force. They measure pulse, pressure, number of steps and sleep phases and calculate stress levels. All these data, the gadget sends to the smartphone and with the help of artificial intelligence makes recommendations for reducing stress and improving lifestyle. Price of hours $ 88 (~2300 USD).

Bluetooth headphones

This gift is perfect not only to girls but to all who can not imagine their life without music. Comfortable and stylish accessories are always in fashion, but because they are exactly like the new owner.

This year, wireless technology has reached a new level and therefore Bluetooth headphones have become very popular. There are a lot of offers at different prices, so choose will be exactly what.

AirPods wireless headphones / photo: unsplash

As for the price, it is also different: from several hundred USD to several thousand. Therefore, when choosing such accessories is a start to your own preferences, budget and your expectations. For example, the AirPods will be costly, however you will be sure in their quality. In addition, Apple quality Bluetooth headphones can offer Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi and Huawei.


Another useful gadget, which will be very useful. Of course, smartphone manufacturers are now trying to make their new energy-efficient, however, during active use of the device battery is not even enough for a day.

The PowerBank has already appeared so many, and the prices on even the coolest of them are so acceptable that their choice can be a real challenge.

Powerful PowerBank Huawei AP08Q

Is not the first interesting solutions for external batteries notes company Xiaomi. PowerBank from the Chinese manufacturer really high quality and correspond to the declared characteristics. Moreover, such devices have a low price.

Gifts for boyfriend


If your guy or friend is fond of computer games, then this gift is sure he’s going to need it. If a guy has a PlayStation or Xbox, the choice is obvious – you can buy him the controller of this particular manufacturer.

The gamepad is a great gift for the gamer / photo: unsplash

Also, in stores you can choose from other controllers, which are not inferior to their capabilities, but significantly low cost.

Portable speakers

Another useful gift for music lovers, because the external speakers are becoming increasingly popular. The device is compact and can work from a single charge up to 20 hours, and on average, this device can play up to 8 – 10 hours. Therefore, portable column can take with them on the nature and arrange a real disco.

JBL offers devices that have good sound quality. Is clean bass, not a single rattle, quite a decent margin volume.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Well, as without fitness bracelet. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 allows you to track the pulse, heart beat, number of steps and the duration and quality of sleep. This gift will definitely appeal to those who lead an active lifestyle. Besides, the novelty has a built-in NFC module, which is very popular among the supporters of contactless pay.

The fitness bracelet is inexpensive, but allows you to join the community of people who care about their own health. Or at least pretend that you care. Or trying to convince yourself that you will start to worry and worry. The price of this device starts from 800 UAH.

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