What to feed the Ukrainian military today: photo

Photo power in the Ukrainian army published online. In some parts of the Armed forces, soldiers dissatisfied with the low quality of such food. In particular, the photo is not clear that the army food was meat.

Earlier, the Ukrainian military were fed better. However, the Ministry of defence has lost the courts with the suppliers, and now the army get the “pre-reform” power, announced on his Facebook page, Alexander’s military Thunder.

“Some ask, how so? Military tax of 1.5% is not removed, where does the money go? Perhaps upgrading or equipping new items? I do not know. But see the fact: who doesn’t want to feed his army will feed someone else soon,” wrote the Thunder, adding their photo Alexei Bobochikov.

What is known about the food system in the army, introduced in 2018?

The system allowed to increase the range of products from 30 to 400 units and significantly improve the level and quality of food service personnel. In particular, in the diet of defenders added more meat, fresh vegetables, fruit, and coffee.

As of July 2019 half of the Ukrainian military moved to the new power system catalog. By the end of 2019 planned to transfer to such a diet 100% of the personnel. However, in July the District administrative court of Kiev cancelled this power supply system, developed in accordance with NATO standards.

A few days after the decision of the court in Mat have reported that they are planning to abandon the companies-outsourcers for catering personnel and must hire chefs.

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