What to feed passengers of the Titanic before death: showed the full menu

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The network has shown a complete menu of the restaurants of the Titanic the day before the tragedy.

The list of dishes is preserved, because the crew would often send them to relatives or friends, together with letters, writes Newsweek.

Psiri first class enjoyed the luxury of relaxing on the ship, so in what does not deny. They started their Breakfast with 10 dishes: a light soup with green peas, chicken in cream sauce, oysters in Russian, steaks, vegetables, pies and more. To any order necessarily brought a glass of strong drink.

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In the wine cellar of the “Titanic” was downloaded a thousand bottles of alcohol. Basically it’s rum, champagne and Bordeaux. In addition, on Board were 850 bottles which are disposed in the two bars and four restaurants.

One of the most popular cocktails of the time considered “Punch à la Romaine” from French chef Jean Auguste Escoffier. The drink consists of rum, champagne, lemon and orange juice, beaten egg whites and crushed ice.

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Favorite cocktail of the passengers of the Titanic “Punch à la Romaine”

The largest passenger ship in the world Titanic sank during its maiden voyage on 14 April 1912. It collided with an iceberg in the Atlantic ocean. Died 1517. He sailed with the English Southampton to new York.


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