What to expect from the “Kremlin report” of the United States?

“Kremlin report” Washington and its implications for Rossiiuzhe not much time left before the expiry of the ultimatum set by Washington to the Russian elite. What to expect after the publication of “Kremlin report” whose heads will roll, will Russia be able to find a decent answer?…


“Kremlin report” Washington: Whose head will fly after it is published?

The Author – Yury Pronko

Economic analyst Yuri Pronko discussed with the President of the Center for system forecasting does Mitevi publication, so-called Kremlin’s list and its impact

Yuri Pronko: How dangerous is that planned Washington?

Dmitry Mityaev: This is not an isolated episode, but a great campaign and it is in development. All the words I said: “the Kremlin – a criminal organization, everyone associated with the Kremlin, should be somehow punished. It is necessary to make the Russian business elite toxic that nobody in the world wanted to have her Affairs in principle to simply Rob“. Evidence of Russian is not necessary – we saw it in one of the recent decisions Moka to dismiss one of the Olympians . It is said that if the tube is no tampering, then the Russians had learned to open them and leave no trace. This is enough to a person for life to disqualify. The same thing will happen with the business elite. I wonder how she will react and try to adapt.

J. P.: the Russian elite?

D. M.: There are different models. For example,”Alfa-Bank“. Recently, we heard: “I am not I and not my hut. We won’t have to deal with defense companies, but will continue to feed here” – such a model. In the neighboring country friend Kolomoisky tried to do the same – its largest private Bank to keep the feeders to solving their problem.

J. P.: you and I know that Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven, Oleg Sysoev – people from the 90’s, the liberals…

D. M.: They managed to sell its share of TNK-BP, and they have in Germany today the largest petrochemical joint venture, therefore, they believe that everything will be alright.

J. P.: apparently, this is not the Russian elite. I will insist on it. It is a successful, wealthy people who have in Russia — that are Russian.

D. M: We try to stay in the financial-economic plane. The situation, on the one hand, dangerous, yet there is such a interface, built-in global contrapresiune, in the form of securities. And the Ministry of Finance feels and behaves like megaspeculator. It received the right to trade on the stock exchange futures. Everything is arranged so that we play by these rules, although in relation to us rules, no one is going to follow. In their opinion, we did not receive proper therapeutic exception, that is, the permission to use the global financial system.

J. P.: This is the second model.

D. M.: They declare openly: “We are his, burzhuinskie not touch us, because we…”. “Otherwise what?” – I want to ask. The question is, what is the model of an ostrich, which tries to stick his head in the asphalt and say that nothing is happening. In fact, there is some decent group of major entrepreneurs, who repatriated their rights of ownership – Timchenko, Rotenberg, Kovalchuk, partially Usmanov – but in exchange for some not very clear tax offshore for them personally.

I think the model do not end up balanced. If you pretend that you have home and assets here, your wallet here, but you want in the global system have some individual rights is a dangerous story from the point of view of the country. Direct model: we have such a wonderful, outstanding Manager Potanin, who with Prokhorov in his time, received the “Norilsk Nickel”. He just signed the “giving pledge” – there’s such a trendy thing among Western entrepreneurs, Buffett, bill gates and other…

J. P.: And Potanin also received?

D. M.: Yes, he also signed a pledge to give half his personal fortune, earned in the Norilsk mines, to charity, of course, global and Western, not Russian.

J. P.: When we talk about Mr. Potanin, one would applaud standing, if the money supply is invested in social projects here in Russia. No, the money goes there. That’s the oath.

D. M.: 20 years have passed since mortgaging auctions, but this wound is not seroprevalence.

Why pensioners do not have enough money? To a significant extent the sources of public wealth has been privatized and operate on a narrow group of well-known persons. They can remain suppressed in the West. In this case, the state will be forced to nationalize the local assets despite the fact that will begin the hard court and other proceedings, because the assets in the West already repledged under loans.

But we have conditional collective Shuvalov. He came as a legal attorney for a group of big business and entrenched there, has moved. Was the history with Yukos, where he was responsible for the loss of 50 billion, as I recall. Accordingly, the price of collective Shuvalov – $ 50 billion. The fact that he left means that at the time the West decided to keep the whole group in our government, because they are much more useful than the 50 billion But the question is not closed: in the summer of this year in the court of the Netherlands will hear the appeal, and it may well be that the situation is played back if the wave of sanctions and pressure from the Americans will be sufficiently large.

J. P.: Another brick in that Foundation.

D. M.: that Is a mine, which is under the Foundation of our financial system. We see this in the example of Kazakhstan, which was just under 22 billion dollars in an American Bank on the basis of any claims of private third parties. This suggests that all the mechanisms, as well as in sports, can and will be used. They want to use all those who consider themselves the owners of this system. The alternative is to create together with BRICS, the Chinese, EAS global financial system with a more understandable, open and fair rules. Whatever offshore therapeutic exceptions for myself, and everyone else should pay for it. It is better that it was pre-adapted policy, not when the rooster will peck us, and we will respond.

J. P.: I agree with you, to simulate the situation needs tactics and strategies long before the x hour. About Feb 2018 was known a few months ago. It turns out we have six patterns of behavior?

D. M.: They can and more to count… Some get divorced to say that the wife is not wife…

J. P.: the Seventh model? To divorce his other half, she abruptly becomes a successful business woman. But Washington prepares a “Kremlin report” in which there are several reference points that relate to financial and possibly debt market. And here is a big Hello Elvira Nabiullina with its carry trade. Now, despite the fact that it has reduced the rate to 7.75%, we remain the most attractive for speculators currency from the point of view of getting cash flow out of thin air.

The authors of “Kremlin report” does not hide the goal to destabilize the situation in Russia ahead of the presidential elections, but the publication may lead to the opposite effect…

In your opinion, the nationalization of the Russian elite is going to happen? We have identified six or seven models you said there are more, but they nedokruchennym, sorry. From the point of view of nationalization of the elite the corruption of the Russian establishment – our Achilles heel? Other countries have the same problems?

D. M.: I think that this elite was formed, under certain circumstances, it has been grown and nurtured…

J. P.: a Unique substance?

D. M.: global situation – all elites the same. Another question, when the printing press both in America and partly in Europe and Japan, may fuel the elite and to ensure her loyalty by giving her part of share premium. Under certain circumstances, the size of the global bubble is that, according to Citibank, this vaunted tax reform trump leads this year to the budget deficit of 5.5% of us GDP. But in case of recession, maybe twice. There’s this conspiracy theory that if will collapse, then after the bubble of all the other cryptocurrencies bubbles somehow begin to crumble. This, accordingly, will say that “the Russians take their money”…

Dmitry Mityaev. Photo: TV Channel “Tsargrad”

J. P.: they do not leave prints?

D. M.: It speaks to their skill…

J. P.: Nanotechnology come up with something?

D. M.: If we talk seriously, we have time, but we have to consider all options and make some conclusions from what has already happened more than once. If we only adapt to the way we are, we have no chance to win. We need to resist and understand the strategy and tactics of the enemy. We think he’s some rules plays, and his game is to take the Board and hit you on the head, no multiple passes. He should choose the moment when you least expect it. Clear in what sense panicked comrades Gref, Kudrin and others, because they feel the fibers of my soul that the West really can go for the most drastic measures. For some measures, we somehow finished, created their own national map, and rating Agency. In fact, opportunities for confrontation are.

J. P.: So it is necessary to continue the process, it is not necessary to wait.

D. M.: As with the Olympians, the model is driven around in a very complex, acidic conditions. How to defend their honor and dignity, when it is unclear under what flag you are going, and what the national anthem is played, when you accidentally win… In business it’s the same now. As we have seen in Ukraine, where, in addition to Poroshenko and Firtash, who again arrested in Vienna by the Americans, most respectable businesses are almost gone. Everything else is in fact nationalization. In our system everything is stable, but the largest banks were nationalized and nationalized losses. It is not clear where the profits are, and where they flowed…

J. P.: the Largest banks openly say that we will not Fund turnover. Largest Bank says I will not go to the Crimea and Sevastopol, and no one can force me to do it. These days I reread Lagarde and her notorious statement. She openly said: “If Sberbank joins our sanctions, why should we cancel them?”. It says the man, who is clearly sympathetic to Russia not to blame.

She says: “You yourself can not decide: your largest state-owned Bank joined the anti-Russian sanctions, it’s schizophrenia“. Gref scratches his head and says: “Trillion will gather in the near future, make a trillion of net profit”. Work with Nabiullina. I’m at the end of last year said on the air, it is still not clear who is the boss – or Gref Nabiullina. I think Gref, and this is my judgment.

D. M.: as we have not heard that the savings Bank has given what it should be – the lion’s share of their profits to the budget. Let’s see what will happen next, but the fact that the moment of truth is really quite close. Whether it’s the publication of the report, and in fact, the lists will be kept secret? Most will arrive somewhere on their business jets and, as Mr. Karimov, to know that it is a lifetime of bags carry the money is not there. The nationalization of the elite will be forced, but only the part of the elite at least partially useful. One that is not useful and harmful, it is still running in Russia. It is better not to nationalize, but somehow her system to isolate.

J. P.: there Will be a lot of information for very famous people. The names of the absolute majority of citizens are known, these tend to be businessmen, government officials and those who, one way or another connected with the Russian authorities. The goal of Washington is to show “look, what you have corrupt elite, look who controls you”?

D. M.: it’s Funny that such episodes were: an investigation of the GKO pyramid in the West and the IMF tranche, which had disappeared, the episode 2014, with the devaluation. They open the case, even some people from Harvard took that had a lot of trouble – some period received. But we pretend that everything is okay – all these rules of predatory. It is better not to wait for the decision: “Well, you robbed here, we thieves will select, and you still do not give up.” It is better to perform certain operations.

I do not know how it is with Saudi princes. Another 11 princes arrested because they are ill… But our elite typologically from Arab princes are not very different: they used to live – with private jets and chefs and all. While in Russia we have a surplus product has historically been much less per capita.

Russia never lived so that she gave to fatten narrow stratum. Always was a system of social justice in one form or another – through the oprichnina, speaking just about the old stuff. In the last century through the socialist state, when he worked a powerful system that was created for public consumption funds. Now we pretend that the problem is people, how they live, what they pay for, still it is a direct conviction. Read the work of Peter Aven, he interviewed Berezovsky… There is this whole ideology.

Yuri Pronko. Photo: TV Channel “Tsargrad”

J. P.: I began to read. That is, they are not going from ideology to refuse?

D. M.: Absolutely.

J. P.: Even under threat?

D. M.: Even if, God forbid, dragged to jail and say, “You’re a bully, and we all have you selected” and everything will be taken away, they will think themselves right. It was in a sense Stalin’s Commissars. But though they were people for ideological Soviet power, and these ideological for their moneys believe that their God kissed, and all others are trash that do not deserve this standard of living.

The zero-sum game to end. Was repeatedly stated what to do, the only question you have will and time, and time is a scarce resource. Will occur, the only question is not to get into a situation of zugzwang, when you have to react, take the Board and the first to hit.

The fact that Russia has a lot of potential, so there is this intensity. In some areas it is so powerful that is not influenced in the military, intellectual, territorial scope, and in many others. There’s nothing you can do. You can only try one more time to organize the chaos, as several times already.

J. P.: it All depends on us. In Moscow decisions, including not waiting for “the Kremlin” – anti-Russian, anti-Kremlin, anti-Putin (let’s a spade a spade to call it) of sanctions. These six models will be neutralized, and 10, 15, 20 other it is necessary dokruchivat.

Elite must be the Russian nationalized. They have no desire, nor can they, contrary to them, in Russia – on the way out. There are curators there friends, beloveds, and so on…

D. M.: Dogs…

J. P.: Dogs. One woman, who has something more…

Thank you, Dmitry!




Washington is preparing a “Kremlin report”



Pronko.”The Kremlin report” of the United States.09.01.18.



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