What to do to not fall into the trap of snow in the mountains: advice and warnings from the SES

Taking into account the difficult weather conditions, while tourists are not recommended to go with traveling into the highlands.

This was a live channel 24 said the head 4 of the special search and rescue team gschs in Ivano-Frankivsk region, Taras Brinda.

According to him, the weather in the mountains is still complicated.

Whether tourists go to the mountains

In recent days, the weather was characterized by heavy snowfall, limited visibility, also lower temperatures, places – to a minus of 19 degrees. Such conditions are extremely unfavorable for tourist travel mountainous terrain. Of course, in this period is to refrain from them.

What to do not to get in a snow trap

  • People should select the appropriate to their experience and physical training route, which he is capable.
  • The route details you need to send.
  • You must have special clothing and travel gear, especially in winter.
  • It is necessary to take into account the weather forecast up to three days. If it is unfavorable, the trip should be postponed.
  • It is important to register in the SES departments and leave their contact details and itinerary in the event of an emergency, it was easier to help.
  • What to do to survive, got into snow trap in the mountains

    Specific methods of rescue depend on the situation, because people can get in an avalanche, get lost, or lose some equipment. From the very first and most simple:

  • People must not panic, must not lose my temper.
  • One must logically assess the situation, think that it can save his life.
  • It is not recommended to split up in such situations – it is always easier.

  • How to escape during a descent of an avalanche

    What happened in the Carpathians January 6, and many tourists have lost?
    Christmas eve in Transcarpathia was pretty busy: local rescuers received 2 messages about lost tourists. The first call was received at the rescue Service on 6 January at 17:00 from tourists who were well as free-ride on the top of the mountain Hymba intermountain region. In poor visibility they lost orientation and got lost. In search of them immediately sent the mountain branch of the search engines.

    Already at 00:15 rescuers found two tourists, and they reported that their comrade was not able to continue with their route and stayed to wait for help in the mountains. Leaving the rescuers the GPS coordinates of the third, the tourists were taken to the place of their temporary residence.

    Rescuers, in turn, continued to seek the third, involving prospecting two mountain search and rescue Department. About three o’clock in the morning of January 7 professionals gschs found a ski mask and stick lost, but its close is not found.

    The same evening, January 6, in rescue Service received another message that in the area of mount Hymba lost two skiers. Reported to rescuers at 20:20 the wife of one of the tourists.

    At about 11:50 am January 7, rescuers found the body of a tourist who couldn’t go with his friends and left to wait for rescue.

    At 15:40, rescuers found one of the tourists from the second search and rescue operation. Rescuers assessed the condition of the camper as satisfactory. But while the search continues for his companion men, when he realized that he was lost, decided to split up.


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