What surprised children: 5 inventions 2018 Ukrainian students

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The guy won a gold medal at the International genius Olympiad in USA

Gazeta.ua found out what last year’s surprise Ukrainian students and have prepared a selection of their inventions.

1. Assistant for the visually impaired

Dnieper student of 9th class Igor Briskly created a helper for people with visual impairments. The student has constructed a system of ultrasonic sensors. They react to obstacles.

The basis of the invention controller. He recorded the desired program. To it connect sensors, transistors, battery, charge and voice messages. His voice had recorded all of the language of the alerts that were sounded when it detects danger.

Author: znaj.ua

Inspired guy fighters ATO, which are as a result of injuries lost his eyesight.

The device’s cost – 300 UAH. The Israeli equivalent – more than 25 thousand UAH.

The student won the national competition of inventors.

2. Device for collecting debris

Student of the 4th class Cyril Blagodarov from the Dnieper assembled model of the spacecraft. It is designed to collect orbital debris.

The space machine is designed on the computer in the 3D program. Then according to the drawings gathered mini-model from LEGO, and pieces of cardboard. The machine launch into space. The device flies up to the debris, and begins to grab his arm and moves into a compartment. When debris had accumulated a great deal, the unit flies to the station and unloads the garbage. Aboard two-person crew. One directs the ship, and the second manipulator.

Author: segodnya.ua

The student won the regional competition of the American space Agency NASA.

The guy won the regional competition of the American space Agency NASA.

3. Paper with fallen leaves

The eleventh-grader Valentin Frecka from the village of Sokyrnytsia Khust district, Transcarpathian region invented the technology to create paper out of fallen leaves.

On the kitchen blender shredded leaves. Disconnected the cellulose from which to produce paper. Fiber mixed with water and taught the formed mass on the shape. After drying in the sun, smoothed out the ground with stones. This resulted in thick sheets of paper. It is possible to produce cups, plates, bags, handbags, cases for pens, a printer, Kraft designer wrapping paper, wrappers for books.

Author: Explorer

The guy won a gold medal at the International genius Olympiad in USA

The student received a gold medal at the International genius Olympiad in USA.

4. Solar collector

Alexander Marchuk, a student of class 11, from the village of Privetnoye Lobachevskogo district of Volyn region has made solar collector.

Absorber made of brass tubes. The welded construction has invested in a wooden box. Box of teploizolyatsii mineral wool. Covered a sheet of glass joints sealed with sealant. The storage tank was repainted in black color gas cylinder. The device weighs 50 kg. Gas cylinder holds up to 40 liters of water.

The cost of development of 3,5 thousand UAH. The collector market is almost 45 thousand UAH.

The student became the winner of Ukrainian competition of inventive and innovative projects of ecological and naturalistic direction in the category “Resources conservation”..

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5. A device for measuring air quality

Mariupol grader Artem Agunan created a system of measuring air quality. It reacts to volatile organic compounds.

The invention skladatelja with 2 MCU’s and children’s designer. To breadboard wrote the software code that is connected to the battery and Wi-Fi. All collected information is delivered to the site. His boyfriend alone specially created. Data can be viewed in the online application.

Author: fakty.ua

The device fits in the palm. His student made out of scrap materials.

The cost of the device 290 UAH.

The student received a bronze medal at the International competition of scientific projects in Turkey.

The Ministry of education has identified 10 key achievements in the field of education and science 2018. In the past year created a National Agency for quality assurance in education. In addition, Ukraine for the first time in many years took part in the world gymnasiade.


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