What supercars bought Ukrainian rich in 2018

The cost of each – tens of millions of hryvnia.

All these cars were spotted on Ukrainian roads this year. In the list is the latest model best supercars, tuning cars and everything that has four wheels (or six) and is prohibitively expensive.

In the list of new luxury cars in Ukraine this year was even a rarity from the category “EuroBLECH”, however, opens the list of the Lamborghini Huracan with “full stuffing”.

The Italian supercar joins the garage known to all lovers of luxury cars, Michael nicknamed the Kazakh, according to TopGear. In Europe, the 640-horsepower Huracan in the poorest complete set of 232 thousand euros. Beside him in the photo you can see another “not simple” coupe Rolls-Royce Wraith for 400 thousand euros.

This McLaren 650S Spider is even in the basic version costs 300 thousand dollars, and in this instance, seen in Ukraine, in addition also a wide body Liberty Walk with a very expensive graphics.

Classic Lamborghini Diablo, especially in VT with a 550-horsepower 6-liter engine, is now jumped in price in Europe is estimated at 240-330 thousand euros. In Ukraine this year was seen several. Probably, their owners will be among the first wanting to clear cars at reduced rates.

Bentley Continental GT coupe Supersport – not the new model of the British brand, however, is the most powerful and fastest coupe in the brand’s history and one of the fastest sports cars in the world. Its 700-horsepower W12 allows a speed of 336 km/h. The cost of this car – 300 thousand euros, or 9.5 million.

The only four-wheel drive Ferrari in the history of the Italian brand – GTC4 Lusso is worth about 10 million hryvnia. The supercar has a V12 engine with a capacity of 690 horsepower and can reach a speed of 335 km/h.

Two extreme Porsche was spotted in Ukraine to 2018: 700-horsepower Porsche 911 GT2 RS released in 1,000 copies, which is 10.8 million hryvnia, and 720-horsepower tuning TechArt GT Street R about the same price tag.

The first SUV of the brand Rolls-Royce Cullinan, recently began selling in Ukraine. Our compatriots it is available at a price of 12,5 million hryvnias. Luxury SUV equipped with a 6.75-liter V12 with a capacity of 570 HP.

During the year, arrived in Ukraine three new Bentley Mulsanne limousine, and two of them – in top execution Speed, which means an increase in power to 537 and the extra digits in the check. The basic version of the model from the 13.6 million.

Super luxurious Rolls-Royce Phantom is more expensive – 17,5 million UAH in the initial version. The phantom is equipped with 570-horsepower V12.

The most expensive on the list was the Mercedes-AMG G63 6X6. This rare and powerful pickup truck is worth about 30.7 million hryvnia.

Bonus: Ferrari 458 Spider tuning by Liberty Walk, who lit up London with a Christmas tree on the roof – is not a cheap toy. Is convertible 190-260 thousand dollars (5.3 million.) and with tuning and even more.

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