What other ways MPs trying to suppress a new law enforcement

Mind you, we “at the bottom” is mostly the deputies and law enforcers. So, today there will be those and others. A group of coalition MPs have prepared a bill on amendments to the criminal procedure code. What it is is a document that defines all sorts of organizational issues of criminal proceedings. How to lead, when to open, when to close. Here about “close” and we’ll talk.
In this bill lies here’s the idea. If any law enforcement Agency opened a case on certain circumstances or facts, and closed it – well, nothing was found, then another law enforcement Agency – including the NAB to re – open the case any longer.
The idea, as it represents parliamentarians, in principle, good. That is, if any other business is conditional SBU pokoshmarili-pokoshmarili and walked away, then after it can’t come conventional, and the GPU to be horrible to because its the same excuses again.
I’m not a big expert on the legal systems of different countries, but to me this bill seems like a very Ukrainian. Because the need for it really is only when any police officer may on any occasion to come to milk some company. In a normal coordinate system it is in principle not too needed, because if a conditional FBI found no evidence and the case was closed, more conventional district office of public Prosecutor in the case and will not come back. At least not without very good reasons. We do not so, as you can see, MPs are aware of this.
But in the course of the deputies on the other. That after the adoption of such a law the best way out of a difficult situation with the criminal case be sent in advance to visit, for example, the General Prosecutor’s office. And appear in their gentle hands. Let them investigate.
See, if you throw in the search engine the phrase “GPU not found” then: “GPU not found evidence of the involvement of Kernes and Dobkin in Kharkiv beating of protesters”. “Found no evidence of the involvement Levochkin to beating Kiev protesters”. “Did not find violations of the Declaration of Demchak from 133 million in cash”.
From quite fresh – “GPU not found the involvement of Boyko to Scam “towers quickly”. The Prosecutor’s office the bribe has turned into a Scam. And it is much nicer article of the criminal code. With the new law in the NABOO will not return. MP Kotvitsky, who brought over the border $ 40 million, will be generally happy. In the GPU case it has already stopped, and NABOO still works. With the new law – the decision of the GPU on that thing Commitscope failure – will become the reason for closing the case and NABOO.
Last attack legislators on NABOO took place a few months ago, when MPs nearly voted for auditor to the anti-corruption Agency. No auditor in the NEB really should be, the candidates have been discussed at length, were selected and discussed. However, in the session hall there were no candidates from the short list, and a new face.
And that person then couldn’t even answer the question – who is he, where and who invited him. Then all basically said that it is nonsense that this is an attempt to kill NABU and many other things right. Here in connection with the new threats to detectives colleagues asked a good question. Well, we have problems with the selection of the auditor for NABOO. But who ever heard about auditing of security? Or the General Prosecutor’s office? However, now the solution to these law enforcement officers trying to impose on the NEB. To which question of course is. But it is a question, not a curse. That is all for today.


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