What medication can drink during breastfeeding: an online database of drugs

There are times when nursing mother sick, and the doctor said that she did not, and sends to drink chamomile, or prescribes medicines but asked to stop breast-feeding (abbreviated as GW) at the time of treatment, or finish HS at all.

In fact, a wide range of drugs permitted in HS, was told by the pulmonologist Tatiana Neespop.

Most importantly, the drug must minimally be allocated to milk and carry minimal risk to the child and lactation as such.

Most often, we can keep GW and not to harm the baby.

The list of medicines for pregnant women

Who, the American Academy of Pediatrics are doing a great job in this field and give their expert opinion on drug safety, and compatibility with GW. Compiled specialized directories, which you can check compatibility of medication and guards.

Website: e-lactancia.org is online directory of Spanish hospital, called the “Compatibility of Breastfeeding with Pharmaceutical Drugs and other Products”.

How to use the site?

To test drugs, in the line “Type your search”, enter the active substance in the English language. For example, the drug liquefies phlegm, Ambroxol – ambroxol.

The name in the Latin alphabet you can find in the instructions for use, in the international name, or to search the Internet, the register of medicines. Enter in the search active substance, choose the right, there is a description of the drug, and risk.


Risk 0 – green group.
The medication is secure and compatible with GW.

Risk 1 – the yellow band.
Possible mild side effects that affect lactation or the baby. Moderately safe drugs important dose, time of administration, the age of the child.

Risk 2 – the orange group.
Dangerous drugs, employment should assess the risk and benefit. It is desirable to replace other medications. If this is not possible, it is desirable to reduce the side effects, choosing the dose, time of administration, the age of the child. Necessarily the observation of the child and the mother during the reception.

Risk 3 – red team
Contraindicated in HS. You must choose other medications.

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