What kind of weather will begin February

1 Feb rain is expected in places with wet snow. In most areas of fog. Photos Ukrainian truth

In Ukraine on Friday, 1 February, rain is expected in places with wet snow.

Precipitation is forecast in Northern, Western and Central regions, reports Reuters.

The rest of the territory – no precipitation. In most areas of fog. Places, except the South, ice on the roads in some places sleet. Wind mainly South-East, 3-8 m/s.

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Night temperature from 2° to 3° heat cold, in the Carpathian mountains to 6° below zero; during the day 0-5° heat in the Crimea and Priazovye places in 6-11° Celsius.

In Kiev February will start with warm moist weather. The air temperature in the afternoon +1 … +3, the fog, drizzle and rain.

From 6-7 February will be cold. Sometimes the snow falls with rain, the national weather forecaster predicts Leonid Gorban. The temperature drops to 25 degrees below zero. Some places will reach -30. But on February 12, again will become warmer by 3-4 degrees below zero. This will continue a few days. And starting on the 17th, again colder. In the third week of the month in the afternoon will reach 3 degrees Celsius. Cold is only the last few days.


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