What kind of car you want to buy in 2018?

Photo: AmericaRU.com

2017 came to an end, and this means that it is now possible on cars that I want to buy in the new year.

Maybe someone is not looking for a new car, while others need the most efficient used car such as a Honda Civic, or maybe someone looking for something quirky and fun like the Nissan Pao. Sports, antique, truck, in any case, the choice of a new car to buy in the next 12 months it is worth considering in advance.

Bradley Brownell (Bradley Brownell), expert edition Jalopnik notes that the new Honda Accord has attracted attention because the model proved to be better than it was estimated before. He also advises the Chevrolet Volt, as well as a new model of American manufacturers, which can be bought quite profitable. In addition, this year will be a new model of Tesla, and is willing to pre-order in advance.

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