What kind of animal without a brain can sleep soundly: you will be surprised

Scientists discovered a creature without a brain that can sleep. And this is Medusa Cassiopea, who became the first known animal that is able to sleep, while not having a brain.
This was explained in The Washington Post.
Scientists used to think that jellyfish is not really able to sleep since the sleep process requires heavy brain processes, and these creatures have not. But as it turned out, a dream deeply rooted in our biology and behavior that have developed at an early stage of the life history of animals and have become a daily occurrence.
Jellyfish Cassiopea
Therefore, despite the fact that sleeping animals can be hazardous (they are vulnerable to attack by other creatures), it is still important to them, including for jellyfish. Indeed, as the scientists explain, if sleep was best, the animals would have evolved by learning to stay awake. However, studies have repeatedly shown that animals deprived of sleep for a very long time, eventually die.

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