What it means for Ukraine the decision of the court in the Hague

Ukraine has received the decision of the International court of justice in the Hague regarding its claims against the Russian Federation. The judgment, however, the experts called it an important victory in the legal war against the Kremlin.
On 19 April the international court of justice delivered its judgment in the case of Ukraine against the Russian Federation, admitting that it has jurisdiction to consider this case. In layman’s language into human, this means that the Hague court allowed himself to begin judicial proceedings is very important. It relates to the violation by Moscow of the two fundamental documents. Namely, the Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination and the Convention on the prohibition of the financing of terrorism. In the second sphere, which insisted Ukraine, the decision was negative, because the court decided that the Ukrainian side has not yet gathered the necessary evidence.
However, the main achievement is the recognition of the violation of the rights of ethnic Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars. Did you know that, according to the unrecognized census of 2014, in the Crimea, the number of ethnic Ukrainians was halved compared to the previous census? Does this mean that our countrymen have left the Peninsula? No, just to be Ukrainian in Crimea, now really dangerous, so many people recorded themselves in Russian.
What is important in all these lawsuits? Georgia, which has been the Russian military aggression during the so-called war 8.8.8, because it began on 8 August 2008, also appealed to the Russian Federation in international courts. Appealed, but lost.
Due to the fact that the gathered evidence to the court in a hurry, the consequences of which was immediately used in the Kremlin. Then the international court of justice ruled that it has competence to consider this case. That is, the Russians have used a purely technical points, beating the Georgians in this war of attrition.
In international law, the processes similar to the claim of Ukraine against Russia, which traditionally last for years. Therefore, the fact that the decision of the court of justice was made fairly quickly is significant. Russia with its unpredictable and aggressive steps were long tested the patience of the international community.
The occupation of parts of Georgia — Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Later, the occupation and annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the creation of the fake republics “DNR” and “LNR”. The global objective of the encroachments of Moscow is the restoration of the former Imperial grandeur. In the Kremlin do not hide that the Russian President dreams of the status of “collector of Russian lands” and wants to go down in history as the second Vladimir the Great. Putin even ordered to build a monument to the Prince of Kiev not far from the Kremlin, hinting at what he wants to be his historical descendant.
The problem is not in Putin, and the Russian people, who sincerely supports and helps its owner to kindle a fire of war. I am convinced that if not for this support, Putin would never have dared on such an aggressive violation of international law.
Today’s Russia represents an unprecedented symbiosis of senile Communist ideas with the cult of Stalinism with wild capitalism, ruled by the FSB and riot police, and all this darkness consecrates the Russian Orthodox Church with the KGB agent, Patriarch Kirill headed. So what about the rules of international law can we even say in the case of Russia?
Ukraine as a part of the civilized world acts only within accepted boundaries. Russia is not democratic and normal country in the broadest sense of the word. So the victory in the International court of justice is only one of the steps of the future collapse of the Russian Moloch. I sincerely believe that the good and the true always win. How much effort it takes. And the truth is on the side of Ukraine.


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