What is the TV series “servant of the people” has attracted voters Zelensky

The General election is four days, and on the channel of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky kicks off the premiere of the new season of the series, which has been dubbed the election is Vladimir Zelensky.

Since a showman has announced that it is the presidency, the boundaries between real and fictional Zelensky Basil Goloborodko has really worn off.

In the TV series “servant of the people” accidentally recorded on video, it makes the teacher Basil Goloborodko known throughout the country and leads to big-time politics – the presidency.

The political series of “Kvartal 95” went on the air in November 2015. And for three years paved the path to these presidential candidates the actor who played Goloborodko – showman Vladimir Zelensky.

Serial command Zelensky

Story with a double meaning suggests is a fictional character, but the circumstances are real. The Ministers saw the budget, the deputies in the Parliament deribanyat positions, and the oligarchs shared tidbits of the economy. All are exaggerated, but very similar to the real Ukrainian politics. In a metaphorical form in the series there is even the famous “Rotterdam” – the corrupt scheme of pricing for coal.

This Hydra of corruption and political struggles in the series, the newly elected President from the people. He’s even sitting in the presidential chair, he continued to commute to work by bike, live in an apartment and offer simple and effective solutions to complex problems.

Screen hero Zelensky lives a simple life

In these characters it is easy to guess the Trinity is real oligarchs: Mamatov – Rinat Akhmetov, Roizman – Igor Kolomoisky and Nimchuk – Victor Pinchuk. Goloborodko refuses to give in to them. In response – controlled by the oligarchs and the deputies did not vote for anti-corruption laws. In the end, Goloborodko shoot saboteurs, mentally and to the delight of the audience.

The actors in the series symbolized the largest oligarchs of Ukraine

In real life, this political fiction and the collective dream, the TV channel “1+1” was watched by over 20 million viewers. And judging by the polls, many of them would like to witness the transformation Goloborodko real President – at least 20%.

All the possible myths and temptations, dreams that would like the Ukrainians, put in a movie, absolutely no denying that they all contradict each other,
the expert said policy Alexander Solontay.

Vladimir Zelensky-the candidate in a few interview highlights: exactly like in the show, he and his team want to see Ukraine.

May she be for us an emotional lift, and for politicians – a road map
– said the showman, the presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on “the Servant of the people”.

In November, the sociologists of the first half included Vladimir Zelensky in the pre-election ratings the second. Soon, he announced a new season of “Servants of the people” – as the presidential elections. And began a massive campaign – with boards and rollers in which it is unclear what is advertised – whether a series, whether his own presidency.

Advertising Vladimir Zelensky

“This is, indeed, of the series “servant of the people 3″, which at some point may very properly if you turn the key, it can work and on the campaign trail,” said Zelensky.

For 5 months the ratings increased from 7 to 27 percent, and the line between on-screen fiction and real-PhD program Zelensky and his team wiped.

People actually vote not for Zelensky. People vote for this coveted Goloborodko,
noted expert on politics Alexander Solontay.

The new season of “Servants of the people” is aired on channel 1+1 5 days before a vote. In this newly minted presidential candidate – buries its predecessor.

What are the latest polls? According to the results of a survey conducted in early March of 2019 group “Rating”, the leader of presidential rating remains Vladimir Zelensky, who support 24,9% of those who are undecided and intend to vote. The second is the position of Yulia Tymoshenko (18.8 per cent), and the third – Petro Poroshenko (17.4 percent). The top five also included Yuriy Boiko, who are ready to give their votes 10.2% and Anatoliy Hrytsenko – by 9.4%. Every sixth not yet decided on the choice of the candidate.

The survey of the Kiev international Institute of sociology from 14 to 22 March 2019 shows slightly different results. Zelensky increased its lead over second place. For him are ready to vote for 32.1% of Ukrainians. And in second place came Pyotr Poroshenko – by 17.1%. Yulia Tymoshenko got down to the third with the figure of 12.5%. Completing the top five leader “of the Opposition platform For life,” Yuriy Boyko (10.4 percent) and the head of the party “Civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko (6.9 percent).

Edition 24 channel warns that any polls can not be accurate, therefore proposes to accept the survey results is critical.

How will hold presidential elections in Ukraine to 2019


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