What is the Scam with the five-story building?

In Moscow, the parasites trying to cash in on any good delev Russia still occupied the parasitic forces of our “partners”, any good initiative immediately emasculated and transformed into banal theft. Moreover, most parasites like to steal budget money…


The essence kipezh the five-story building from a resident of the Stalinist five-story building

Author Masamune

At first I thought the comments to describe this Scam in detail, but since it spawns several parallel themes, I decided to make a detailed record to his blog and to send the Pulse.

All the fuss about this: a lot of people napokupali in the Stalin brick five-story flats on the second and third floors, these were considered rock-steady series. Why rock-steady? Now I will explain the example of the apartment: Trofimova str, house 5, building 2. I grew up in this house and live in it all my adult life. Born in ‘ 85 on Mytnaya, in the 88th moved to Trofimova.

The mother is a teacher, I was issued an apartment on the Balchug (for those who don’t know – the Windows looked out on the walls of the Kremlin) and the parent, with residents of two-family communal – our current four-room apartments . Now it’s the outside of the third transport ring. The Stalinist five-story building, brick, individual project 1957 construction.

For the year 2001 under the regulations of the examination, the wear main structures is 38%, in 2015 – 40%. For 2015-2017 were the planned overhaul. As can be seen from the dynamics, the house can easily stand years 100-120 during normal service. (Ask the resource buildings, by the way).

At the moment the house is removed from the overhaul, sabotaged by the administration of the Danilovsky district and GBU “zhilischnik”, in informal conversations with the staff of sound information that those are not demolished in the first wave, will be demolished anyway, bringing the house to a state of dilapidated, but not settled, and throwing Joe into the cold.

Further. This house is not a prefab building. Apartment in a brick Stalin house has ceilings of 3 meters and 15 centimeters. 56-plus square meters of residential 75,1 total area of the apartment with four rooms, a large kitchen and a separate bathroom.

Further. Next door to me the yard was built by the CIP station “Avtozavodskaya” that reduced access to transport up to three minutes from home. Exactly 30 minutes from the house to the exit from metro Kaluzhskaya. In fact, such housing pulls on the elite, but as the bubble deflates Moscow Nedviga, the time to buy it at the lower point, or to invest in the construction in its place an apartment building with a horse’s price tag for the meter.

Even in the five-story brick apartment with four rooms has the potential of cost at a new stage of growth of the bubble real estate to 60 million rubles. Of course, with the development of infrastructure at all this splendor there is a lot of excited commercial and official entities with closely abutting interests.

Further. If you look at the maps website renovation, we demolished all the neighboring houses to the side of the ICC, a three-story building, which was built by captured Germans with a small number of rooms, but huge rooms and high ceilings. The feature one-bedroom apartments in tragetasche – a feeling of great spaciousness. Neighbouring brick houses five and six stories, too, are to be demolished.

And one more thing: in the basement of the house 7 along the street Trofimova is the boiler room. The carelessness of the SBI, the house rotted floor on the first floor. Therefore, the house put to the vote for demolition. This boiler is connected to our house. In short, we have a strong house, it requires a planned kapitalka, but his trying to bring to the state of emergency for economic reasons, to replace the consumer goods with a truncated lifespan, in the best traditions of copaamerica Harvard wing with beautiful wrappers for a well-known substance and the frantic percent of GDP and other trumped-up nonsense.

Oh yeah, included in the rent fee for capital repairs is not forgotten.

The result – the first floor has decided to come off for a pittance, while our house in voting is not included, but we had been the first to reject the call, and then legs to walk to the Prefecture and to sign in for painting opponents of the demolition of the building. We were more than half of the residents of the house just come down to the Prefecture. In the end, the list we have, but every day twice a day we check this list on the subject of “mistakes.” Moreover, before the publication of the list on the website, we were in him.

 We walk on the verge. View layout of the proposed apartments on a replacement, firms that cooperate with the municipality. Micromachine consisting of one room, bathroom, huge corridors, sometimes step-like configuration and actually reduced residential area with approximately the same total square footage. High ceilings too, there is no question.

That is, in fact, residents of Stalin to be cut. In my 75 I have squares instead of four-room flats will get three with the goofy layout and the “runway” of a corridor or a stepped configuration instead of a residential area.

Thus, behind the screen of the demolition of housing is really nasty is stirring in an attempt to demolish the house nice and cheap, built on the site of the tower with the deal for interested parties. and the media persistently all this housing in all subjects are referred to as blocks, in fact it is not. Hence all the fuss about and all the fuss about is just beginning.

Moreover, at the meeting I was yesterday. Worked with volunteers from the HSE, with the poll of the cut came to the rally, and there was a question-marker, if you participated previously in meetings with a list of rallies or speeches liberastov came out for the first time. I went for the first time.

And now about the essence of the meeting and its media coverage. Since this kipezh out such yuppie Muscovites like me, but in fact a wave trying to ride liberasty, in the square hung the most motley crowd:

1) actually, people who don’t get planned repair of their sturdy houses, which potentially will pay for the cherry on the cake at a gala Banquet for officials and developers. The main dishes of the Banquet there will pay for the budget hruscheb and resettlement of dilapidated housing. The quietest category of the rally. Most disunited and without posters, but families. Posters were in the main party, judging by the scarves around their necks. Hung out near the stage.

2) Ukrainians, mostly bats predvaritelnogo age, where the same without them, disease. Shipped bohdalova as Russia at war with Ukraine.

3) kreakly, hipsters and other liberda, coupled with hamster Bulk. As a rule, does not live in the five-story building. On them rests the media in placing the protest in a favorable for the officials and their accomplices light. This svolota just acts as a noise curtain for the dealbecause they were all normal people have developed a strong vomit reflex. Very comfortable guys. How sharply smelling substances for capturing sniffing dogs at customs.

4) political parties. Saw Apple, Kozintsev any ordinary revolutionaries with a red flag, tushivshih outside the given territory the action does not pass through the frame.

Now, regarding numbers. It’s a lot. People were standing outside. I was not able even to frame to break, because he scored and on the side streets came to the Garden ring and turned to the opposite side of the stage. Just saw a March by discarding the Bulk of ANYONE.

The event was met with an approving roar. As it became known later, the rally brought a still small Tone. In short, there was an attempt to politicize the rally very specific pieces of liberal scum, but the attempt was foiled, as it turned out, they were interested in that themselves of Orgy action.

In addition, it was stated 5000, but judging by the conversations with the “tence” in the cordon, it is at least three times. Judging by the fact that liberty have salupere, and those who came problems “Vovan” is not delivered, the organizers under the monastery with the violation of the size of the meeting to bring will not be achieved, so to speak, the normal consensus. Organizers, it seems, did not expect that so many would come.

The media was RT and Rossiya 1, the plot of RT I have not seen, the story of Russia 1 was very specific negative direction. In General, what they ordered, they showed. Or did not want to understand. Most likely the former.

The bottom line

1) Apart from useful activities to improve housing residents hruscheb, it is an attempt to overcome the Stalinist housing, moreover, there are projects for the unification of the adjacent five-story buildings and their transformation into luxury housing or construction on coveted areas of expensive housing. It is closer to the center.

2) dissatisfaction with the attempts to spin then try to channel pyatikolonniki in their and their foreign masters order.

3) Paragraph 2 fiercely, wildly used for the policy of”divide and conquer” bureaucracy of Moscow, acting on behalf of the press housing builders and demonize the residents of Stalin in the eyes of others. Moreover, in the regional news this is used in the light injection about snickering Muscovites and “stop feeding Moscow”.

Good, this situation must be very interested power units working in support of the constitutional order, because such action insatiable elites play into the hands of “potential friends”, is increasing in the capital and the tuning voltage against the capital of the region.

So, local stupidity and the greed of some can lead to serious consequences in the regions. Type to steal a vodka box, vodka to pour, take the glass, put the money to get drunk.

That’s such a sad situation.




From the editors of Rouen

We want to draw readers ‘ attention to one aspect of the issue of quality of housing, which officials and developers never say, but may know.

The fact that every person by nature has a protective psi-field, generated automatically by the brain. This field protects us from the influence of similar fields of other people and animals. Esoteric slyly, and maybe out of ignorance, call it our psi-field Aura.

When a person is in the crowd among similar – at a rally or some event where a lot of people – protective fields overlap and indicate that in this place are foreign fields, and hence the need to get out of there. The closer people are to each other, the stronger our psi-field trying to protect us from foreign fields, the faster we get tired of it and start to get annoyed.

Exactly the same thing happens in our homes. The less our apartment and below it, the ceiling, the closer we are to the other inhabitants of our house and our apartment, and our psi-field signal us that not far from us is another media psi-field. But man, in this sense, “animal” is not a herd, and any foreign field is automatically perceived as hostile, with all the ensuing consequences in the form of permanent protection and continuously increasing energy costs to individual protection.

That is why in houses with small apartments and low ceilings people often feel disempowered, often with no apparent reason irritable, brawl, fight, drink alcohol and use drugs; more and more common and gradually fall down the ladder of evolutionary development. And one of the main reasons for this is the tight housing with low ceilings!

To help us in this situation can only be one thing: to make maximum efforts in order to change the housing to a more spacious and higher ceiling. Academician Nikolai Levashov claimed that in Russia the norm of living space must be not less than 50 square meters per person!

Has long has sensible suggestions about what to do with Khrushchev’s five-story building, but it’s an option for people, not to fatten the pockets of rogues and roguish officials. For example, the following sentences:


Intelligent reconstruction of five-story building

Khrushchev-the five-story building – our past and our future

In Germany rekonstruiruet old panel Khrushchev

Nizhny Novgorod: the five-story building turned into luxury housing thanks to the honest chief



The speech of A. V. Krotov in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation “Complex reconstruction of five-storey housing”



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