“What is the meaning of justice?” – known Ukrainians recorded a video in support of Riffmaster

Famous Ukrainians recorded a video in support of Andrew Riffmaster Antonenko. Photo: rbc.ua

Ukrainian public figures, journalists, musicians, actors and Directors created a video for the song “Sense” by the group of Andrey Antonenko Riffmaster. What is the “Meaning” of justice, asking the creators of the clip.

Posted a video on the page Re: Evolution film on the social network Facebook.

“In the video for the song “Sense”by the group of Andrey Riffmaster Antonenko starred… figures, aware that the freedom of each of us is now under threat, and each of us could be accused of committing a crime. But we all want to live in a strong legal state, where the law, the right to defence and presumption of innocence are basic values. In the era of posttrade really needs to be protected. In modern conditions to hide the truth is impossible. But to defend it is hard, especially when interested in concealing controlled justice. To defend the truth and punish the real criminals – it makes SENSE! “- said in a note.

The clip was not created Studio Re: Evolution film. Director Elena Bozhko, mounting: Victor Priduvalov Alexander Fist. Post-production: mental dRive studio. Administration Sonya Sotnyk.

In the clip starred Vitaly Kirichenko, Sashko polozhynsky, Oleg Sobchuk, Sonya Sotnik, Anastasia “Stas” Shevchenko, Viktor Priduvalov, Yaroslav pilunsky, Oleksandr “Fozzey” Sydorenko, Sergey Kuzin, Jack Galich, Ahtem Seitablaev, Boris Tarshis, Catherine Stepankova, Vladimir Baluch, Evgeny Stepanenko, Svetlana Ilichenko, Andriy Yatsenko (Diezel), Alexander Yarmola, Dmitry Shurov, Ashot Arushanov, Yuri “Yurcash” Yurchenko, Yuri Makarov, Anton Slepakov, Elena Bozhko, Eugene Kibets, Rimma zyubina, Sergey Canines, Alexey Zvolinsky, Alex Kurbakov (Lelik), Victoria Yagitch, Lena, Ivan, Dmitry Sazonov, Les Litvinov, Anatoly Vexlarsky, Larisa Rusnak, Oleg “Faggot” Mykhailuta, Sergey Martynyuk, Valery Ananiev, Alexander Gagaev.

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“12 December 2019, the police arrested the so-called “suspects” in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet. This is a military medic Jan Dugar, physician and volunteer Julia Kuzmenko and musician, member of the ATO in the East of Ukraine and acting Sergeant MTR APU Andrey Riffmaster Antonenko. The evidence presented by the controversial briefing, the heads of the police and investigators, has not convinced the public of the involvement of Andrew, Julia and Yana to the high-profile murder of a famous journalist. Under the threat of the Presumption of innocence is a fundamental article of civilized justice. Today in Ukraine, a European country, violated the foundations of European democracy. Today every citizen of Ukraine under threat. Today, a murderer can declare you”, – emphasized in circulation.

As noted in the project team, still has not provided any evidence of the involvement of Andrew, Julia and Yana to the crime against Pavel Sheremet. The court may rely only on the ephemeral assumptions, grossly violated the human right to protection, and the lawyers still have not admitted to the case file.

13 Dec Pechersk court arrested until February 8, 2020 soldier and musician Andrei Antonenko. The court also arrested surgeon Julia Kuzmenko. Before that, the court chose a measure of restraint for the suspect in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet military nurse Yana, Dugar in-house arrest for two months, until 8 February.

24 Jan Jan Dugar changed the measure of restraint on house arrest night.