What is the cost of the products as at 27 November 2018

What is the cost of the products as at 27 November 2018 See photo (6)
13:25 of Today’s Telegraph Business news: Follow the weekly monitoring of prices for main food products in Ukraine.

The cost of food is gradually increasing, so the average citizen is difficult to accurately plan your budget. Monitoring products market, held from 20 November to 27 November allowed us to determine the actual prices for basic foodstuffs.

Bakery products:

Prices for bakery products increased slightly:

The average price of a loaf was 14.17 UAH. This week the price – 14.20 UAH.

The average price of brown bread was 17.10 UAH. This week the price 17.10 UAH.

The price of white bread was 15.20. This week price – 15.23 UAH.

Roll (pack of 5 pieces) am – 9.55 UAH. The price for this week – 9. 55 UAH.

Milk products:

Prices on dairy products have not changed:

The average price for a carton of milk (990 g) was 23.35 UAH . This week, milk can be purchased for UAH 23.35.

Price for a pack of butter (200 g) was 26.45 UAH. This week, price – UAH 26.40.

Sour cream (405 g) can be bought for UAH 31.25. Price this week 31.25 UAH.

The price per kilogram of cheese was 91.10 UAH. This week the price is 91.10 UAH.


The meat prices this week rose slightly:

Beef (1 kg), the average cost – UAH 145.42. Price this week – 145.45 UAH.

Pork (1 kg), the previous week was 124.20 UAH. New price – 124.20 UAH.

The average price of bacon (1 kg) was 113.58 UAH. This week the price is 113.58 UAH.


The price of cereals fell slightly:

Price for 1 kilogram of buckwheat was 24.60 UAH. New price – 24.60 UAH.

The price of rice (1 kg) was 28.05 UAH. This week price – 28.10 UAH.

Flour (1kg) cost – 15.90 UAH. This week price decreased slightly 15.95 UAH.

Price for a pack of pasta, the average was – 19.05 UAH. New price – 19.03 UAH.


The cost of groceries is almost unchanged:

The price of eggs (10 PCs.) – 28.05 UAH. Price this week – 28.05 UAH.

The price of sunflower oil (1 l) was 37.15 UAH. This week price – 37.17 UAH.

Salt (1 kg) required to 9.65 UAH. This week – 9.60 UAH.

Sugar (1kg) cost – 16.25 UAH. This week price – 16.25 UAH.

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