What is known about the “Miss Lviv 2018” Natalia of Baluch, which became the heroine of the Russian talk show

The winner of the title “Miss Lviv 2018” is caught in a scandal, becoming the heroine of the Russian “First channel”. According to Lviv resident, it will punish Ukrainian nationalists and etched using frequent stay in Moscow. What about the girl, which often publishes pictures on the background of the Kremlin domes – read on.

21 June 2018 from Lvov won the beauty contest “Miss Lviv 2018”. 24-year-old economist. In everyday life, interested in psychology and design, she loves to read books.

However crowned “Miss Lviv 2018” and the first Vice-miss “Ukraine universe”, which should defend Ukraine on the international arena became increasingly be the aggressor.

In one of his comments to the Ukrainian edition of the question, would a girl participate in beauty contest in Russia, said that there was nothing against this country has, after all, live in Russia, many of her friends. Netizens noticed that Baluch actively spend time with Russian 35-year-old officer Alex Nazaryan, who publicly stated that Crimea – is Russia.

In Russian talk-show Natalia Baluch said she’s not interested in what Alik.

“I don’t care what Alex does. I spoke with him not because of what he was doing there,” said the girl.

Publish instagram Natalia Baluch

Meanwhile, after the scandal, the girl shut down your profile on instagram. Despite its luxury, the life of Baluch decided to hide from prying eyes, we managed to get a photo, which she publishes on her personal page. Judging from the expensive bags, Charter aircraft and expensive accessories – the winner of the “Miss Lviv 2018” lives “in a big way.”

Rosmarina Nataliyi about the future

The girl is not shy to spread and candid photos

Natalia Baluch / photo from instagram

Screenshot from the personal page of the girl

Screenshot of the personal pages girls on instagram

The photo, which publishes Natalia Baluch

How does the life of the winner of the “Miss Lviv 2018” Natalia Baluch

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