What hides behind the priests of the Vatican?

The Vatican is the center of the parasitic system to conceal our knowledge to planethospital uneducated people is much easier. Therefore, social parasites always seek to keep knowledge to themselves, and slaves to give only the minimum information sufficient for the slaves serve the masters…


The diaries of Hans Nilzer or what hides the Vatican?

Selected quotes from the diaries of Hans Nilzer 1899 which describes the secrets of the Vatican, ancient manuscripts had worked with the author. Unknown manuscripts of the Gospels and narratives of the life of Jesus Christ. The Vedas and other things that is so carefully hidden from people.

Hans Nilsen was born in 1849 in a large burgher family and was a devout Catholic. Since childhood, parents were preparing him for adoption Sana’a, and the boy since the childhood hoped to devote himself to the service of God. He was incredibly lucky: the Bishop noticed his talent and sent a talented young man to the papal court. Since Hans was interested in the first place the history of the Church, he was sent to work in the Vatican archives.

12 APR 1899 Today, a senior archivist showed me some funds which I had no idea . Of course, I should also be silent about what he saw. With awe I looked at the shelves that store the documents related to the earliest times of our Church. Just think: all those papers – witnesses of the life and deeds of the Holy apostles, as may be, and Savior! My task for the next few months to verify, clarify and Supplement the directories for these funds. Directories themselves are placed in a niche in the wall, disguised so cleverly that I never would have guessed about their existence.

28 APR 1899 Work for 16-17 hours a day. Senior librarian praises me with a smile and warns that at this rate I per year will move all the Vatican funds. In fact health problems is already being felt here in the dungeon, the temperature and humidity, optimal for books, but harmful to humans. However, in the end, I’m doing my thing pleasing to the Lord! However my Confessor encouraged me to rise to the surface every two hours for at least ten minutes.

18 may 1899 do Not get tired to wonder at the treasures contained in the Fund. There are so many materials that are unknown even to me, diligently studying that era! Why we keep them secret, rather than to make available to theologians? Obviously, materialists, socialists, and detractors can distort these texts, causing irreparable damage to our Holy work. This, of course, should not be allowed. And yet…

2 Jun 1899 in Detail grasp the meaning of the texts. Something strange happens – explicit works of heretics in the directory are next to the true fathers of the Church! Absolutely impossible confusion. For example, a biography of the Saviour, ascribed to the Apostle Paul. This is in any gate not climbing! Will appeal to older librarian.

3 Jun 1899 Senior librarian listened to me, for some reason, thought, looked at I found the text, and then simply advised to leave it as is. Said I should continue to explain it all later.

9 Jun 1899 Long conversation with the chief librarian. It turns out that much of what I thought were apocryphal stories, the truth! Of course, the gospel is a God – given text, and the Lord himself (?) told to hide some documents, so they do not confuse the minds of believers. Because the common man need more than the simple doctrine without any unnecessary details, and the existence of the discrepancy only furthers the split. The apostles were only men, even saints, and each of them had something to add, invent or just wrong to treat so many of the texts were not canonical and are not included in the New Testament. So I explained to senior librarian. This is all reasonable and logical, but something worries me.

11 Jun 1899 My Confessor said that I did not have time to reflect on what they have learned. Because I am firm in my faith, and human misconceptions should not affect the image of the Savior. Reassured, I continued to work.

12 Aug 1899 every day of my work are multiplying very strange facts. The gospel story appears in an entirely new light. However, I do not trust anyone, not even to my diary.

23 Oct 1899, I wish I was dead this morning. For the collections entrusted to me, I found many documents saying that the story of the Savior invented from beginning to end! Senior librarian, to whom I spoke, explained to me that here is hidden the main mystery: the people saw the coming of the Savior and didn’t recognize him. And then the Lord taught Paul how to carry the faith of the people, and he got down to business. Of course, to do this he had to compose with the help of God, a myth, which would have attracted people. All this is quite logical, but somehow not on itself: surely the basics of our doctrine is so precarious and insecure that we need some myths?

January 15, 1900, Decided to see what other secrets are hiding in the library. Stores like where I work now, many hundreds. Since I am working alone, it can, albeit with some risk, to penetrate into the other. It is a sin, especially because I won’t tell about this to his Confessor. But I swear in the name of the Savior that I’ll atone for it!

22 Mar 1900 Senior librarian is sick, and I was finally able to gain access to other secret rooms. I’m afraid I know not all of them. The ones I saw, filled with a variety of books in unknown languages. There are some that look very strange: the stone slabs, clay table, multi-colored yarns, woven in intricate knots. I saw the Chinese characters and Arabic script. All these languages I don’t know, available to me only in Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Aramaic.

June 26, 1900, from time to Time continue their studies for fear of being found out. Today I found a thick folder of records of Fernand Cortez the Pope. Strange, I never knew that Cortez was closely associated with the Church. It turned out that his squad is almost half consisted of priests and monks. While I was under the impression that Cortez initially knew where he was going, and purposely went to the capital of the Aztecs. However, there are many miracles of the Lord! But why are we so silent about the great role of our Church?

November 9, 1900 Decided to leave aside the documents associated with the middle Ages. My work in the vault is almost over, and it seems that I don’t want to let to top-secret papers. Apparently, my superiors have conceived some suspicion of, although I try not to attract their attention.

28 Dec 1900 Found a very interesting Fund related to my period. Documents in classical Greek, read and enjoy. It seems that it is a translation from the Egyptian, its accuracy can not vouch, but one thing is clear: we are talking about some secret organization, very powerful, which relies on the authority of the gods and ruled the country.

17 Jan 1901 Unbelievable! It just can’t be! In the Greek text, I found clear instructions on what the priests of the Egyptian God Amun and the first hierarchs of our Holy Church, belonged to the same secret community! Are such people the Lord has chosen to bring out the light of His truth? No, no, I don’t want to believe it…

22 Feb 1901 In my opinion, senior librarian got suspicious. At least I feel someone is behind you, so quit with secret funds. However, I already saw much more than I would like. It turns out that the Good News sent by God, was usurped by a handful of pagans who used it to rule the world? How the Lord could tolerate it? Or is it a lie? I’m confused, I don’t know what to think.

4 APR 1901, now access to classified documents for me finally closed. I directly asked a senior librarian about the reasons. “You’re not hard enough in spirit, my son, – he said, strengthen their faith, and to you again will open the treasures of our library. Remember, everything you see here should be approached with a clear, deep, untroubled faith.” Yes, but then it turns out that we store a bunch of falsified documents, a pile of lies and slander!

June 11, 1901 There is, after all this is not fake and not a lie. I have a tenacious memory, to the same (forgive me Lord!) I made a lot of statements from the documents. I carefully, meticulously examined them and found no errors, any inaccuracies, which would be accompanied by a forgery. Yes, and they are stored not as cheap and malicious slander and carefully and with love. I’m afraid I will never be the same person with a pure soul. Forgive me, Lord!

October 25, 1901 I wrote a petition to give me a long vacation home. My health deteriorated, besides, I wrote, I need solitude to purify his soul. No answer was received yet.

November 17, 1901, a Petition was made not without hesitation, but it seemed to me, and not without relief. After three months, I will be able to go home. During this time I need different ways to send in Augsburg copies of the found documents. This, of course, disgusting to the Lord… but not disgusting if they hiding from people? Senior librarian repeatedly told me that I was not supposed to tell anyone about those secrets that she saw in the library. I solemnly swore. Lord, let me not become a perjurer!

12 Jan 1902 In, my apartment was frequented by robbers. They took all the money and paper. Fortunately, all more or less valuable I have secretly sent to Germany. The Holy see generously compensated me for the cost of lost values. Very strange theft…

18 Feb 1902 Finally I’m going home! My bosses took me and half-heartedly wished me a speedy return. It is unlikely this will ever happen…




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