What fateful decision the deputies adopted in 2018

2018 is the year of national security, for the first time, the Supreme Council officially recognized the Russian Federation as the aggressor and has assigned to it the responsibility for damages in the East of Ukraine. Although the act on the reintegration of Donbass not came the official start date of the war and the algorithm to return the occupied territories, but gone is the notion of the ATO.

It was replaced by a complex formulation of “resistance and deterrence of armed aggression”.

In addition, in 2018, tried to bring the Ukrainian army to NATO standards. For this adopted the law on National security. Where it clearly States that our goal is to join the Alliance. Also ordered to appoint the Minister – civil, not military. So Stepan Poltorak left, but not from office, and from the army. He became Minister without shoulder straps, in fact, as required by law.

Reformed sector of the national security Agency to NATO standards that we are closer to integration into NATO. And we predict that it will occur in the medium term,
said Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for national security Ivan Vinnik.

And for the first time in 5 years aggression in Ukraine has imposed martial law. For a month. In the regions bordering Russia and Transnistria. The reason was the seizure of Ukrainian ships and sailors in the Kerch Strait. Poroshenko took only one day to assemble the war Cabinet, the meeting of the national security Council and special session of the Parliament.

In Ukraine, martial law was imposed

In addition, the Parliament finally terminated the Treaty of friendship, cooperation and partnership with the Russian Federation, which operated for almost 20 years.

This is actually a solution through the impasse. If this agreement would have lasted another year, I am convinced that in Parliament he would not have considered
– said the people’s Deputy Taras Pastukh.

Ukraine finally broke and ecclesiastical relations with the Russian Federation. In fact, as Russia with Constantinople, for providing us autocephaly. Those who are in Ukraine decided to remain under the tutelage of Cyril, the Parliament was obliged to rename the place of a religious center, that is, in the Russian Orthodox Church.

And MPs have traditionally sought to overcome the corruption. To help NABOO, SAP and RRT with difficulty passed the law on anti-corruption High court. He will consider cases of top corrupt officials. However, due to the fact that the President and the Parliament could not agree about the update of the Central election Commission, most of its members sit in their seats for four years.

Updated the CEC in September 2018. Not to offend anyone, even increased the number of jobs from 15 to 17. And after the owners of the cars on avtonomera blocked the Parliament building, MPs had to legalize the prescription EuroBLECH. Rada allowed to import cars older than 8 years.

Customs clearance “EuroBLECH” under the new law: how to calculate excise tax

It is worth noting that the owners of cars on foreign registration were not satisfied. Because the formula for calculating the cost of the excise tax is entered the coefficient of age, which increases the cost of importation of old cars.

And on the last session day of the year the deputies have left the extension of the moratorium on sale of agricultural land until 2020. At the same time forced the government to introduce to Parliament a bill on the turnover of agricultural land to settle the market after the ban canceled.


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