What day is mothers Day 2017 in Ukraine: when to congratulate my dear mom

Mother’s Day


This year mother’s Day in Ukraine is celebrated on may 14.

To honor the most important person, to Express my gratitude, I created a mother’s Day celebration. Mother’s day is an international holiday when congratulating mom with the holidays. When celebrating mother’s Day, children give greeting cards and handcrafted items made with your own hands, dedicating touching poems, sing songs or prepare Breakfast. To prepare for the holiday in advance and need to know what date mother’s day in Ukraine.

Of course, every mom appreciates first and foremost the respect, care and attention of their successors. But also enjoyable to do in this day should not be forgotten. It is no secret that mother’s Day different countries celebrate at different times (about the tradition of celebrating in different countries we wrote earlier) .

Mother’s day 2017: in accordance with the government decree, the solemn feast day always falls in the spring month of may, this year mother’s Day in Ukraine is celebrated on may 14.

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