What changes to expect retirees in 2018

“I can only begin to live: retired turn,” — said the postman Pechkin in the legendary Soviet cartoon “Three from Buttermilk”. However, ordinary Russians the joy of the famous character from the well-deserved retirement do not share. Now the average pension is slightly more than 13 thousand rubles for the same amount a month precisely will not last. Moreover, some citizens are left without the money. As shown, to draw a pension in Russia is not that simple. Future retirees pestered bureaucratic offices to prove their seniority and right to payments.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Pensions was probably one of the most vital fact of 2017. The government and then promised to increase the size of the payment to the Russian elderly. Here came the long-awaited moment. Officials said that old-age pension increase from 1 January 2018 3.7%, the average increase is $ 500. If in 2017 the average size of pensions amounted to 13.8 thousand rubles, in 2018 it will increase to 14.3 thousand rubles. Higher pensions will begin to almost 40 million pensioners. As experts explain, not only economic, thus the government is trying to “appease” senior citizens — the primary electorate before the presidential elections which will be held in March 2018.

Meanwhile, as some pensioners are waiting for the indexation of benefits, those who are going to join this category of citizens — face challenges. Some Russians simply cannot verify your employment history.

Want a pension? Prove that worked!

“Two years ago, it’s time for me to apply for a retirement pension. I didn’t expect any difficulties. Was born and worked all his life in Moscow, in a respectable organizations. Experience of 33 years. All employment records are present, the seals are. SNILS I have since 1997. Well, I collected the paper through the website of the Pension Fund of Russia made an appointment for a specific day and time. Time off from work. Came”, — says Muscovite Natalia Zlobina.

First, the woman naively hoped that the entire procedure will take not more than an hour, but she was mistaken. Crossing the threshold branch of the RPF, the future pensioner confronted with the “living place”, which was not, perhaps, from the Soviet era.

However, this was only the beginning of the epic called “a pension”. When the queue is up to our heroine came still an employee of the pension office refused to read 8 years of women in employment. “You got here in 1994, the seal, and it says: “the State Committee of the USSR on Affairs of publishing houses, polygraphies and book trade. Publishing house “Russian language”. And in 1994, the Soviet Union was gone, so print as invalid and write about your work too.”

All the arguments about what, when Zlobin began to work in the organization, the Soviet Union still existed, the official ignored. “What do you do? The publisher no longer exists,” lamented a frustrated pensioner. There was only one way out: to seek confirmation of their work in the same organization. But it was not so easy. The woman has spent several months to find its ends. However, all attempts of our heroine to defend their right to retire were not successful. The government, which were transferred to the archives of the liquidated 8 years ago the publishing house “Russian language”, the documents are not provided.

Similar problems are faced by many retirees. “Lucky for those who have the Soviet organization does not evaporate. A friend worked in the nineties in the Lenin Library — the same story with print. But the library still exists, it is drawn, receives a confirmation and a better pension. A happy occasion!” says Zlobin.

Sometimes the situation was observed just anecdotal. For example, a woman in the nineties he worked in publishing house “Book”, which now does not exist. After the letter in Rosimushchestvo she, like Zlobina, got nothing. And six months later, in her apartment, the phone rang from Odintsovo.

— You know, I have an email with your documents, the copy of passport and labor, all of your personal information, address, phone number, passport photo. And we are just individuals. But for some reason our postal address is all the time sending packages from the Agency. We don’t have anything to do with this! Pick your package, there is a lot of information about you! — said on the other side of the telephone wire.

The woman went to Odintsovo, took the letter-bag with his documents and that her attempts to confirm his seniority and his pension stopped.

“I gave up, too. I tried to provide to the FIU preserved his business card, confirming that the magazine I was working. Brought back copies of the magazine, where each issue is printed the edition, including “the Department of literature and culture — N.Zlobin”. Where my publications. To prove to FIU, I worked in the magazine failed,” says Zlobin.

As explained by a partner of the law firm “SME consult” Maxim Pletnev, in the case stamped “USSR” must obtain the written refusal and appeal against it in court. “Even if there is a refusal, you can appeal the inaction. And turning to the expert, to prove the point. Documents of labour legal relations are kept by law for 75 years and you can find them in the town records (if Moscow), or in the district, if in the region. The look in the organization may be completely useless. In such situations it is better to ask experts for qualified help,” said the lawyer. However, before you consult a specialist, should evaluate profits and losses. The fact is that ultimately the services of a lawyer can cost exceed the possible effect of the additional increase to the pension.

Funded part of pensions as a panacea for the crisis

While some Russians are fighting for their right to retire, others think how not to lose their savings. And the reasons for the unrest among the population abound. As we all remember, in 2014, the government announced a moratorium on funded pension. Simply put, the citizens took part of their money saved for old age. As explained by officials, demanded the state of the domestic economy. Because of the crisis, the contributions of working citizens in the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) has declined sharply, and its liabilities to retirees, has increased. As a result, in the FIU created a “hole”, which could cover only a trillion-dollar transfers from the Federal budget. However, there is no money: oil prices fell, and with them collapsed and revenues. Therefore, the government has not thought up anything better how to start a hand in the funded part of pensions, that is “hard earned” citizens simply “expropriated” and let the payment of the current elderly.

And officials vowed that as soon as our economy will go uphill accumulation will immediately return them to their owners. However, these words remained with the words: freeze is renewed from year to year and in 2015 and 2016, and in 2017… And in December 2017 Vladimir Putin signed a law according to which the moratorium was prolonged until 2020. And this despite the fact that, according to the Ministry of economic development, GDP growth in 2017 will exceed 2%, and inflation at all will reach their minimum values below 3%.

The extension of the moratorium pension savings officials attributed to budget savings of over 300 billion rubles a year. The truth about how much the economy will lose from the fact that it does not work “long” money, government speakers are somehow silent. Meanwhile, according to the Association of pension funds (ANPF), for the duration of the freeze they have already lost 1.5 trillion rubles. Moreover, by 2020, losses will amount to 6 trillion rubles. But if the pension system is not reformed until 2027, then the loss will amount to 19 trillion rubles, warn ANPP.

By the way, recent years, the government is actively discussing ways of reforming the pension system. In particular, the Ministry of Finance jointly with the Central Bank proposes to continue the formation of the cumulative part of the pension, but only on a voluntary basis — due to new contributions of the citizens themselves. That is, the employer will pay 22% of mandatory insurance part of the pension, and the employee can decide how much more funds from his salary, he is ready to be transferred to individual pension assets (PKI). According to the new pension system the citizens will automatically subscribe to the contributions to private pension funds (NPF).

“But unless there is reform of the pension system and individual pension capital is not entered, or its appearance will not be as successful, the economy will lose a fairly large amount of “long” money, and the pension of the Russians will continue to depend on the capabilities of the state budget”, says head of the analytical service ANPF Eugene Basbanes.

How to save for retirement

By the way, from the freeze of the cumulative part of the affected and the non-state pension funds. The fact that the total contribution to the pension system is 22%. Of these, 16% employer sends to the Treasury the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) where the money is going to pay current retirees. The remaining 6% was credited to individual accounts whose owners could these funds to dispose of. As a rule, people placed them in the NPF or private asset management companies. In this case, the money is not stupid to lie dead weight “under the mattress”, and bring its owner an income and profit of the NPF.

Since then, however, as the government announced a moratorium on the accumulative part of pension funds lost your money. And now, to increase profits, pension funds are forced to resort to increasing the customer base. And here they don’t shun any methods to entice potential clients. Often fraudulent. For example, at the end of 2017, SPC began to disseminate information about what the New year all pension savings in the PFR will burn, and the pensions of future retirees, the government will spend to pay current elderly.

Scared the Russians began immediately sign the proposed contracts for the transfer from the PFR to NPF, so as not to lose their money. In the end, however, the opposite happened. As explain in the Pension Fund of Russia, there is a rule: to change a pension Fund without losing money citizens can only every five years. Those who do this more often, in 90% of cases do not pay the income from the investment of their savings. The money gets “old” Fund. “We need to sign the application for indefinite leave to transfer your pension savings in five years from one year, when was the last time changed by the insurer, when translated the entire amount of pension accumulations including investment income. If people each year make the so-called “urgent translation”, there are ten cases out of a hundred is a partial or total loss of investment income,” — says the head of the Department of public relations PFR Margarita Nagoga.

According to the auditor of audit chamber Vladimir Katrenko, the loss can be up to 500 thousand rubles per person. “In General, the loss of citizens amounted to more than 40 billion rubles”, — said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial markets Anatoly Aksakov.

As practice shows, citizens are often unaware of these nuances. The means that have accumulated NPF, are quite significant. Today, under the management of private pension funds is $ 2.4 trillion rubles of pension savings. And in the expanded portfolio VEB state Corporation, which now funds are kept “silent ones”, there are 1.8 trillion rubles.

It is expected that the work of the NPF would streamline the bill, which should enter into force in January 2018. According to the document, the period of compulsory stay in NPF it is necessary to reduce at least up to three years. In addition, it is proposed to fix the rate, which establishes the liability of the NPF, strongly encouraging citizens to move from one Fund to another, but not stating that they will lose the money.

Experts believe that the most productive accumulation of future retirees will be saved in case if the application for withdrawal will be submitted to a future insurer, as is happening now, and current. While mandatory, the insured must be advised of the potential loss. Thus, in a decrease in the activity of unscrupulous agents, whose pay often depends not on the quality of counseling, and the number of agreements on compulsory pension insurance.

However, citizens themselves should be more vigilant to choose where to place accumulation, you need consciously. Thus never provide your social security number unless you are certain that it is the representative of the Agency or the employer. And don’t use it on Internet sites: this information may benefit.

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