What are the Ukrainian premieres worth a look in 2017

In 2017 should review the new Ukrainian film “Peace to your home”, “Fringe” and “Pryputni”.
This opinion in an interview to 24 was expressed by General Director of Kyiv international film festival “Molodist” Andriy Khalpakhchi.
According to him, today the Ukrainian cinema goes to the proper level. At least the new movies that were not released. Among such a good movie Khalpakhchi called “Peace to your home”, due out on the big screen this spring.
“It’s just a movie that will touch the masses, and should appeal to intellectuals,” says the Director of “Youth.”

“Another picture that I really like is the Slovak-Ukrainian co-production “the Brink” (due out in the summer of 2017 — “24”). Very interesting story about the entry of Slovakia to the Schengen area, and about how people lived by smuggling and profiteering, which took place on the border,” — said Andriy Khalpakhchi.

He also drew attention to the debut of the Arcadia Nepytalyuk — “Pryputni” (Prime Minister announced September 26). Khalpakhchi described the film: “the Story of a small town, with well-designed.”

It is very important for the development of the domestic film industry, according to Khalpakhchi to Ukrainian audience believe in the Ukrainian cinema. “We’re not all interested to show their films because they know that then they don’t sell them in Ukraine”, — said the film critic.

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