Weather: frosts will intensify

Weather: frosts will intensify See photo (6)
09:11 Today, the Telegraph Photo: Ukraine news: At the beginning of the week in Ukraine will be relatively cold on Monday is expected to snow, but Tuesday will stop.

The next day, 21 January, weather over Ukraine will be to identify a relatively cold and snowy air mass, reports Reuters.

In most parts of the country Monday, there will be snow in the South and the sea of Azov with the rain, at night, sometimes in the southern and Central, in the afternoon in Eastern areas of significant precipitation, in some places sleet sticking, ice; only in the Lviv, Volyn, Rivne, and in the afternoon and in the Northern, Vinnitsa and Cherkassy regions without precipitation. On country roads in some places sleet.

Wind South changing to North-West of 5-10 m/s air Temperature will stand at 6-11° C, in the afternoon 1-6° frost; in the Carpathian region and in the southern part at night 0-5° frost, in the afternoon from 2° to 3° below zero heat in the Crimea 4-9° Celsius. In Kiev – night, snow, day, no precipitation; air temperature will stand at 6-8°, day 2-4° Celsius.

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Weather forecast on January 21, Photo:

The weather forecast in cities of Ukraine on January 21:

  • Uzhgorod – the snow, at night -1…-3, -1…+1
  • Lions – snow, night, -5…-7, day -1…-3
  • Ivano-Frankivsk – snow, night, -5…-7, day -1…-3
  • Ternopil – snow, night, -5…-7, day -1…-3
  • Chernivtsi – snow, night -7…-5, day -2…-4
  • Khmelnitsky – snow, night, -5…-7, day -1…-3
  • Lutsk – snow, night -8…-10, day -5 -3…
  • Exactly – cloudy, night -5…-7, day -1…-3
  • Zhytomyr – cloudy, night -6…-8, in the afternoon-2…-4
  • Vinnitsa is clear, the night -7…-5, day -2…-4
  • Odessa – the snow and the rain, at night -1…-3, day +1…+3
  • Nikolaev – the snow and the rain, at night -1…-3, day 0…+2
  • Kherson – the snow and the rain, at night -1…-3, day 0…+2
  • Simferopol – the rain, at night-1…+1, day +6…+8
  • Kropiwnicki – snow, night, -5…-7, day -1…-3
  • Cherkasy – cloudy, night -7…-5, day -2…-4
  • Chernigov is cloudy, at night -7…-9, day -2…-4
  • Sumy – cloudy, night -9…-7, day -3…-5
  • Poltava – cloudy, night -6…-8, in the afternoon-2…-4
  • Dnepr – snow, night, -5…-7, day -1…-3
  • Zaporizhia –the snow and the rain, at night -1…-3, day +1.+2
  • Donetsk – snow and rain in the night -6…-8, in the afternoon 0…-2
  • Lugansk – snow and rain in the night -8…-10 degrees, day 0…-2
  • Kharkiv – the snow and rain, night -9…-7, day -3…-5
  • Kiev is cloudy, the night of-6…-8 day -2…-4

Tuesday, 22 January, across Ukraine, without precipitation. Black ice on the roads. Wind mainly South-East of 5-10 m/C. night Temperature 9-14° frost, on the Left Bank to 19°, day 4-9° below zero; in Western and southern regions, at night 5-10°, day 0-5° Celsius. In Kiev – rain; the night temperature 11-13°, day 6-8° Celsius.

Weather forecast on January 22 Photo:

January 23 – cloudy, light snow. Night in Odessa region, in the afternoon in southern and Central regions of moderate snow in the South with the rain. Only in the Western regions without precipitation. Black ice on the roads.

Wind mainly South-East of 5-10 m/s with gusts of 15-20 m/s. night Temperature 10-15 °, on the Left Bank – up to 18 °, day 4-9 ° below zero; in the Western and southern areas during the night of 5-10 ° Celsius, day 0-5 ° Celsius. In Kiev, cloudy weather with clearings, night rain, day snow. Black ice on the roads. Wind mainly South-East of 5-10 m/s.

Weather forecast for January 23, Photos:

On January 24-25, Ukrgidromettsentr predicts light snow, except for the Northern part, sometimes with rain.

A temperature of 24 January night 4-10 ° below zero in the Northern and Eastern regions to 14 ° below zero, day 1-7 ° below zero, January 25, a temperature increase of 3-6 °; in the southern regions of the night 0-6 ° frost, in the afternoon from 1 ° C to 5 ° Celsius. In Kiev temperature at night on 24 January 8-13 °, 25 Jan 4-9 ° below zero; day 2-7 ° Celsius.

Weather forecast on January 24, Photos:

Weather forecast for January 25, Photos:

We will remind, the national weather forecasters and climate scientists have made the forecast for 2019-th year. Climate scientists say that the winter will be abnormally cold. If in the North all covered with snow, while in southern regions the precipitation will rarely notice. In the second half of January, apparently, back cold.

During this period the temperature can drop to minus 10-15 degrees. In late January, forecasters expect another warming and slush, but February will be cold and snowy. In addition, it is very likely a strong wind during the February frosts.

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As in the past year, snow will cover much of the country until April. According to national signs, in years when Easter comes late, cold hold for a long time. Easter in 2019 is celebrated on 28 April. The best temperature in March will be 9-10 degrees. Heat will dramatically change the cold at the end of April. And the temperature is 20-23 degrees can ready in mid-may.

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