“We realized ASV” investors “Tatfondbank” told why he returned the money

The depositors received their money shortly before the revocation of the license from PJSC “Tatfondbank”, returned them to Bank accounts to the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) have been able by law to distribute them among all customers of the bankrupt financial institution. This is a unique case when people act “according to conscience” and return their money in a common pot, occurred on the background of the public against ASV and depositors, demanded from the DIA to submit claims and return received during the filing means.

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We will remind, now in the information space actively discussed the scandal surrounding the DIA: the Agency have filed lawsuits on some investors “Tatfondbank” and “Interbanca” who took their money shortly before the revocation of licenses of financial institutions, probably taking advantage of insider plums. DIA is trying to return these funds to accounts, then to properly allocate and the payment of insurance benefits to all investors-creditors. However, of those who got their money “under the guise” and to return them does not want to, go on a strike protest against ASV, the Central Bank and the financial system as a whole.

More surprising that in St. Petersburg there were people who accepted the position of ASV, acting according to the law and voluntarily transferred the withdrawn funds back. We talked to the representative and driving force behind this “movement” Rashid Mehtievym and found out what inspired people to go peacefully through negotiation and compromise, and not to stir up protests.

– Rashid tagirovich, as for depositors “Tatfondbank” developed the story of the revocation of the Bank?

– All those who have entrusted their money “Tatfondbank” and could not think that the Bank will have problems. The financial institution consistently made a profit and even take on sanitation of other banks. In our city, St. Petersburg, among depositors of “Tatfondbank” there were a lot of blockade, the elderly aged over 80 years who kept funds in the Bank for funeral.

But when the house is on fire, all to save the children, wives and property. Therefore, the first reaction of people was the desire to quickly withdraw money before the revocation of the license. Many investors were not prepared, were in a similar situation for the first time and for them it was the first and hopefully last Bank failure.

– Why in the end people decided to return the money to them, could by law be distributed among all?

– When they began to understand the situation, then entered at the position of the DIA and understand his position.

– How was the decision to return the money and how many people supported him?

– Any problem should be solved jointly. Investors “Tatfondbank” in St. Petersburg joined in the movement, and we collectively decided to return the money to the accounts of the Bank, and we were joined by investors from other regions — more than a hundred people.

This unusual story for some reason paid attention to all the people who have devoted much time to the description of the pickets and the fight against DIA. “MK” wrote that behind this seemingly parochial history may well be someone’s major interests, political or financial, and depositors of the protesters just used as a tool.

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