We have developed a plan to create two million jobs with wage growth of up to 700 euros

The presidential candidate of Ukraine Anatoliy Hrytsenko March 15 with a working visit to Poltava. He met with workers of the factory “Amp” in Kremenchug, in Poltava answered questions of journalists.

Commenting on the Association around him as a single candidate from the democratic opposition, thanked the Governor for the position and talked about the team’s plans.

I wish to thank for the state the position of the Andrew Garden and Dmitry Dobrolubova. For joining our team and withdrew their candidacies in the presidential race. Previously did Viktor Chumak, Mykola Katerynchuk, Mykola Tomenko, Egor Firsov, Mustafa Nayem, and many others, – said Anatoly Gritsenko. – Come on United team to victory. Hold the responsible thing to change Ukraine. People want to see that the next President understands the problems which the country lives, family. It shows a convincing way and a team that will do it.

In Poltava Anatoly Gritsenko has again invited the competitors to come to an open debate and present each item on its program. But not a single debate. Also, the leader of “citizenship” offers rivals the polygraph.

– Honestly – so honestly. When asked about the hidden offshore or use of official position in the government – my hand will lie still. And the hands of many candidates shudder. For faith and looting are not compatible.

Debate Anatoly Gritsenko is ready with the team. Recall that he was the only candidate presented to those who will occupy key positions in the state in his presidency. We are talking about the head of the SBU Victor Trepak and the NBU is Oleksandr Savchenko, the Minister of defense Ivan Uparsin, Minister of foreign Affairs – Svetlana zalischuk and the head of the GPU – David Sakvarelidze. By the way, its presentation took place a week before a visit to Poltava. On the question of his nomination said the following:

– This is a man who showed determination and intolerance of corruption and knows exactly what to do with the investigation of theft in the army. Has experience in the Prosecutor’s office in Georgia and Ukraine. I am sure that in the framework of the law David Sakvarelidze will raise the credibility of the Prosecutor’s office will count on professionals who will work honestly.

Economy – the basis for the programme of Anatoly Gritsenko. Note that the economic block of the program he developed together with entrepreneurs, representatives of Ukrainian business Council. Also had consultations with the Federation of employers of Ukraine.

Only the right economic policies will bring order to the medicine, education, science, culture, military, security. Having worked with industry associations, we clearly came on a plan of action that creates new opportunities for entrepreneurs. It destroys monopolies and oligarchy, enables the business to operate safely and honestly pay taxes and the government distribute them under the control of the press and the public. Our action plan foresees the creation of two million new technology jobs in industry and the agricultural sector. Expect the growth of the economy at 10 percent annually. Planned average salary of 700 euros, a pension of up to 200 euros.

Entrepreneurs are willing to pay such salaries. But when in the country it will be possible to work transparently, to be honest. That is, pay transparent tax, not a bribe almost every public authority. Then these funds will be to raise wages.

Entrepreneurs say to me: “We will support you, if you guarantee that officials will not Rob us at every step. Then the money will go to Fund salaries.” I guarantee it. Our plan calls for the destruction of corruption schemes.

According to estimates team Gritsenko and representatives of the Ukrainian business Council, currently each year the corrupt are removed from the budget to 400 billion. Therefore, one of the main points of the program of measures of struggle with corruption schemes. The plan is to check of officials on a polygraph and provoke a bribe. These initiatives, he proposes to fix the law so that the liability arises as soon as the fact of corruption will record internal security. This practice earlier Anatoliy Gritsenko held, at the head of the defense Ministry:

– I showed it on the post of defense Minister. The working day began with the survey data and the report of the military police. Once there was offense, went to my level, and it is up to the Colonel inclusive, I immediately took tough decisions for corruption. Fired without a pension and have transferred materials in office of public Prosecutor. Officers serving with me will confirm this. So for 3 hours fired the commander of land forces, corps commander, Department head of the Deputy Minister. I will not cover members of the party or coalition. Everyone should answer before the law.

To select people for positions solely on the principle of “three”.

– To protect the country from such disgraceful cases, we need strict selection for appointment to the post. Parameters: professionalism, integrity, and patriotism.

Forced cancel the call. But Ukraine will have a professional contract army.

– Coercion is coercion, lies, incompetence. The defense will be based on three components. The first army contract with a decent salary. On the boundary line – from thousands of dollars SWAT. The second component – reserve in constant readiness. Soldiers who have served will be in the civilian sector, but voluntarily contract their approved military units. In case of danger will immediately take a place in the ranks. Training will be held once a year three to four weeks. The third component of territorial defense. It involves those who have passed fighting viscol, but doesn’t want to wear a uniform every day. If necessary, take up arms and will defend their territory. Where know every path.

The return of the occupied territories, this can be done within one presidential term. But only in the Ukrainian conditions – under our jurisdiction and our flag, says Anatoly Gritsenko. And the first steps have already been developed.

Last year I was attached to the non-public development of an action plan in the quadripartite format. It provides for the return to Ukraine within international boundaries as of February 2014, including Crimea. Our two-step plan for de-occupation of Donbas and Crimea.

Answering the question about the support of foreign partners, Anatoliy Hrytsenko said:

Partners will act when we will act. In December, the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite announced the sanctions to those who captured 24 of our sailors. And Ukraine – announced sanctions. And Vice versa – has to do it first.

Another litmus test for foreign partners of the presidential elections which will be held March 31. Now, unfortunately, has all the prerequisites for fraud. The main task – not to admit them, Hrytsenko said, adding that his team will fight for fair elections and every vote.

Unfair election can lead to social explosion. Foreign partners from the elections expect the same thing we are. To have passed peacefully and ended in a legitimate election of the President, who will rely on the support of the people and to keep the word in front of foreign allies, – said Anatoly Gritsenko.

Gritsenko eight years worked as a teacher

Anatoliy Hrytsenko was born in the village Bohachivka the Zvenigorod district of Cherkasy region. Then the family moved to a mining town Vatutine. Served in combat units. Eight years as a teacher, then staff positions in the defense Ministry. Since December 1999 – Razumkov Centre President. From 4 February 2005 to 18 December 2007 was the Minister of defence of Ukraine.

Candidate of technical Sciences. Teaches political science at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. In marriage a second time. Wife Yulia Mostovaya chief editor of the newspaper “Mirror of week. Ukraine”. Have four children.


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