We dance and to work on the English: O. Torvald spoke about the preparations for Eurovision-2017

Author: Gerasimov Veronca

The winners of the selection for the Eurovision song contest from Ukraine, members of the group O. Torvald started preparing your room for the final competition, which will take place in Kyiv in may. This was announced at a press conference in the bar “the Bartender Diktat”. There O. Torvald played one of their first concerts.

“At this club we held her first concert, which was originally 10-15 people. It is with this club it all began. When we came in, we were told:” You are format. Not suitable, too young, not interesting to us “. But today we are here as winners of the national selection for Eurovision. This is an important issue, but I would ask you to treat us as a group that has 10-year history with its UPS and downs, concerts and in any case don’t drop us 10 years ago that Eurovision is the most important thing in our history, ” says the leader of the O. Torvald Jack Galich.

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The musician thanked his parents, who motivated O. Torvald to take part in the national selection.

After winning the group received many calls from colleagues who gave some tips.

“Andrew Khlyvnyuk congratulated, said,” Be yourself.” Asked not to be conceited, and to what I was doing before that made sense. Called Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, said:” the Song is cool, work on English, ” – says Eugene Galich.

The musician admitted that the group O. Torvald wanted to participate in the selection last year, but she had no song. The win was a surprise for the children.

“An unexpected victory for us. We just wanted to try something new and just seen as entertainment, but when we won the semi-finals and finals … still hard to believe. We will try to represent Ukraine, to do everything we can, there’s no turning back,” says drummer O. Torvald Alexander Solokha.

“We understood that TAYANNA very formatted way, a strong vocal for this contest, I thought that she would win and wanted her. But when we went on stage and saw how the people support us, we decided to fight. At that point I realized that we will succeed, says Jack Galich. – Now we work on my vocals and English, to prepare the formulation. At first I was scared, because it’s a song and a bit of a pop contest, but I’m happy that this year the country is strong-willed, kind and understanding people will be adequate musicians from different cities of Ukraine, living their dream, when I started playing in the garage. We prove the other creative units, anything is possible. In his song want to convey to people is important. The world is now not only a financial crisis, but the crisis in relations. We stopped to look each other in the eye. It is easier for us to look at the screen of the mobile. You have more trust in the is and not what you said. I hope our song will cause some impact and change this situation.”

By the way, fans of other rival O. Torvald, musician Konstantin Bocharov, known as Melovin, still haunt the team.

“Kostya held up very well, all omissions of fans from different sides, it is their personal opinion. He’s got incredible fans and they are ready for him to break up and I would appreciate, in its place. Because they do Melovin who he is now. At Jamala in his time at the Eurovision song contest was the same situation, when the jury and the audience in different ways appreciated. But she won, ” says Galich.

Although according to the singer, fans Melovin threatened by phone to the Director of the group O. Torvald, he passed it off as their age.

Present at the press conference the head of the National selection for the Eurovision song contest 2017 Natalia Franchuk noted that in the near future O. Torvald will start to work on a detailed preparation for the final.

“We will build his work, as he did last year with Jamala. We’ll brainstorm. To meet with the Directors again discuss with the group what the song is, we will analyze the rivals. We will not do what has already been shown, we are not going to build barricades. Try to prepare a high quality, European. To represent a single, I hope the rock group the Eurovision song contest. Solve the problem with the graphics, you’ll sew several options suits. The only thing we got from the First national channel, this is a complete list of what needs to be submitted before March 10, this means that until then we should be all ready. We want to help the children and offer more than suggested before, because I believe that a rock band would be difficult to pop competition, but I believe that Ukraine will be represented maximally great “, – says Natalia Franchuk.

The group O. Torvald immediately perform in the final of the Eurovision song contest as the representative of the country host of the competition. As a promo, the team will travel to Amsterdam to one of the parties is devoted to the Eurovision song contest. Another such party will be held in London, on it if there are no problems with visas, the musicians will too. At parties, representatives of the press and bookmakers to assess the chances of the contestants. Our experience shows that the representatives from Ukraine at the contest, it is the presence of these parties brings a significant result during the voting in the final.

“It’s not how you look, and what you carry. Most people who will watch the contest in our country should be ashamed that this year the country will represent ordinary guys who have never had a producer who never participated in competitions-talents, such as at least four members of the semi-finals, which because of this great support from the audience. For us the Eurovision stage, in order to make even more music, self-improvement, it is better to sing, play and dance to be as confident and invulnerable, ” says Jack Galich.

After winning the musicians promised that I will give a free concert in the square of Knowledge, KPI for all the fans who have supported them on their way to victory. According to Galic, the concert will be held later this month. The exact date will inform later.

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