We are what we eat: beauty problems to solve that will help proper nutrition

We are what we eat: beauty problems to solve that will help proper nutrition See photo (13)
01:37 Telegraph Today formulakrasoty.com Photo: pixabay.com news of show business:Sometimes with the appearance start to cause problems. Of course, first and foremost, you should seek the help of professionals in this business plays not last role, and sometimes the most important.

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    Acne is a relatively common problem that periodically occurs every woman. Skin rashes can be the result of hypothermia, soiling of the skin or even more serious problems such as hormonal disruptions. So it is quite important to listen to the signals that the body sends you.

    If the rashes bother you rare and their origin is quite obvious, you can try to improve the condition of the skin with proper nutrition and proper drinking regime. Drink about 1-1,5 liters of clean water a day and into the diet include foods high in antioxidants. It’s fresh berries, green tea, dried fruits, fruits, beans, cocoa, red wine. Also the condition of the skin improves zinc, which is present, for example, in beef. But dairy products should be avoided.

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    Brittle nails

    Well-groomed hands and nails is something that men always pay attention. If your nails keep breaking and splitting, this may indicate that your body lacks vitamins and minerals.

    Lean on products with a high content of iodine and calcium. This, for example, seaweed, cheese, cottage cheese and other dairy products. And for nails useful vitamin H, also called Biotin. It very much in eggs, bulb onions and peanuts.

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    Orange peel can be even slender girls. It’s not about weight, but rather about the quality of the body. If you do not exercise and indulge in fast food, alcohol, cigarettes and a large amount of flour, it is unlikely that your skin taut and elastic, although the weight may be OK.

    Without sports and out of an active lifestyle from cellulite to get rid of almost impossible. The best effect you can achieve if you add a massage of problematic areas and proper nutrition. Regarding products that protect against cellulite, then attention should be paid to citrus fruits, kiwis, peppers and other sources of vitamin C.

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    Dull hair

    Luxurious curls are impossible to forget. What to do if your hair has lost Shine and not Shine? First, to choose the appropriate your hair care. This is the right shampoo, conditioner, hydrating mask, thermal protection for styling and some other products.

    Secondly, you need to adjust your diet. Keep on that vitamin e Is a natural antioxidant, which gives hair radiance, Shine and moisturizes them from within. Vitamin E is contained in spinach, avocados, almonds, shrimp, the flax seed oil, wheat germ and soybeans. For hair with essential fatty acids omega-3, found in salmon, olive oil, eggs.

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    Dry skin

    Dry skin gives its owner a lot of discomfort. To help the skin retain moisture and fresh look, include in the diet more healthy food that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

    This, for example, fatty red fish, which are polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which belong to the category of healthy fats, and walnuts, Flaxseed.

    For skin is also useful silica. It is in large quantities contained in oatmeal or barley. You are still in doubt about what foods to choose for Breakfast?

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    Dark circles under eyes

    Dark circles under the eyes are sometimes inevitable. Stress, fatigue and a large number of things to wear and great impact on appearance.

    To get rid of dark circles, you need to eat more cabbage and leafy greens. They have vitamin K and iron, which improve circulation and blood clotting, causing the capillaries in the skin under the eyes remain intact and do not burst, causing the appearance of dark circles.

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