Was named the best Ukrainian children’s, teen and family books 2018.

According to the results of the readers ‘ vote best children’s book 2018 called “Tooth” – author and Illustrator Nationa

Project experts support children’s reading “BaraBooka. The space of Ukrainian children’s book” was named the best Ukrainian children’s, teen and family books 2018.

Won books in twelve categories, among which the debut of author, Illustrator and publishers, and illustrators of the year, educational, adolescent, family books. According to the results of the readers ‘ vote won the book “the Tooth” (author and Illustrator Reliable (Hope Kushnir), “Knigarnya”).

“This year we have a very bright and varied were informative literature for children, – says the chief editor of “Space of Ukrainian children’s books Barabaka” Anna Tretiak. – We should highlight this trend as the lives of eminent men. In the nomination “Informative book” won “William Shakespeare” Valentina Uzdalskiy. Children are usually poorly versed in history, I do not understand how people lived many years ago. This generation should be immersed in the atmosphere. Valentine pulled it off. We also said “did she” as a “Social project of the year”. In two volumes of 100 pieces, Ukrainian women or women with Ukrainian background who have achieved success in various fields – archaeology, medicine, aerospace, sports, – – Another educational publication was the winner in the nomination “Family”. It’s a cooking magazine for kids “Yum! Cook children” Masha Serdyuk. There are 25 step-by-step recipes of various dishes with pictures. This year another trend – feminist literature – book for girls and about girls. Is a global trend, parents do not want to read to your children usual tales where the girl is always weak, it must be protected. Telling stories about real tough heroines. These are the translated edition of “bedtime Stories for girls-rebels” and “Power girls” Kateryna Babkina and Mark Līviņa about Ukrainian women.”

The winners of the 2018

“Illustrators of the year”: Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv for the informative book “I see” ( “KKH”).

“Poetry book of the year”: “One sheep, two sheep” Galina Kruk, Olga illustrate the change drum (“Viva”).

“The first book of the baby”: wimmelbuch “Christmas vacation” Inna Red ( “calamar”). “Educational book of the year”: “William Shakespeare” Valentina Uzdalskiy, Il. Maria Moroz ( “IPIO”).

“Family book of the year”: “Yum! Cook children” Masha Serdyuk, Julia Niedra Marie Kenovic (“Fraternal “).

“The illustrated book of the year”: “the Owl who wanted to be a bird”, text: Halyna Vdovychenko, illustration: Christina Lukashuk ( “Black sheep”).

“Teen book of the year”: “Knows only Maru” Elena Ryzhko (CI “Academy”).

“Teenage fantasy year”: “Child bacigalova” Vladimir Arenev, Il. Alexander Sold (ID of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” / “ASSA”)

“Social project of the year”: “she did It” / “It’s also made it” (published by “Publishing house”).

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“Children’s book of the year, the air force” called the novel “Mer” Sasha Dermansky. Left in publishing house “A-BA-BA-ha-La-mA-ha”.

“The family of Kovalchuk’s eldest son, 10-year-old Andrew, not talking, says Derman. The doctors cannot find the cause. On examination the right means that there are no heroes. A married couple is fighting and thinking about divorce. The boy’s father works as a jockey on the racetrack. To make money, wants to win the Cup competitions. A jockey, he’s himself. Mary is his Mare, gift of the British equestrian Federation. It turns out that at the races he needs to compete with the very unclean, a horse named Whirlwind. And from this depends the fate of the family.”


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