Was named the best Ukrainian applications 2018

Ukrainian developers are not standing still, and despite the huge competition produced interesting and useful applications.

The best Ukrainian application 2018 about movies, sports, shopping, conscious consumption, transfers “modern times”.


This kind of Tinder, which will pick up not couple, and a movie for the evening. The principle of operation is the same as the social network for meeting new people. You are offered a card with movies no. The ones you’ve seen, it looks like the right estimate. Those that are not seen on the left, and mark would like to see or not.


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Based on the preferences of the Fander all accurate picks movies that most likely you will like it.


This is a service that compares prices on products in stores all over the Ukraine. It has a shopping cart, a tab with all shares, search, filters, Manager discount cards and a barcode scanner. For users of the app is the bonus system.


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In the development of the function through which the program is to equip the cart to send her to the store to come and pick up their purchases.


Service delivery packages along with travelers and travel. TravelPost is an alternative to traditional postal traffic. In the application you specify the route and the price of shipping. Further, the courier finds you and you agree with him about the details of the transaction. The service will help to make delivery cheaper and more convenient, and traveler to partially offset the cost of the road.

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This program will help to start to properly sort garbage and tell where it then can be taken. Using sorting, you can determine what your garbage can be recycled a second time, and just go to the dump.

It is an interactive map showing points of reception, plastic, paper, glass, batteries, appliances, clothes, and any other debris.

Constantly updated data on the regional operators of sorting and processing of recyclable materials, which accept non-standard things.


This program is the popular website of the Wardrobe, where you can buy used and new items cheaper than in the store, and also sell clothes and accessories that are not in use. It’s got a nice design, sections for women, men and children, who are divided into many subcategories. In the search filters by size, price, brand, condition of the item, which will help narrow down the search to the required.


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This three fitness apps that are made by Ukrainian developers Genesis. BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts for women BetterMen: Workout Trainer for men and BetterMe: Calm, Sleep, Meditate – yoga for all.

Each of these apps are designed a few sets of workouts and exercises with videos to practice at home and in the gym to keep in shape.


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To begin classes, you need to specify the purpose of training, for example, to lose weight or to gain muscle mass. Next you need to specify your current physical form and choose a suitable diet.

Association of mountain guides “Rovinj” has launched the mobile application “self rescuer”. Its purpose is to increase the level of safety of the citizens of Lviv, including children, using modern methods and technologies for prompt notification and rapid response to emergency events, – have informed in the press service of the Lviv regional state administration.


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