Walker reminded who is in charge of peace in the Donbass

Walker reminded who is in charge of peace in the Donbass
10:53 UNIAN Today, the Telegraph Photo: AP Ukraine news:Kurt Volker believes in the unity of the Ukrainian state against the background of Russian aggression.

US special envoy for Ukrainian Affairs Kurt Volker said that peace in the Donbass depends on Russia’s consent to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

This was the US special envoy said in an interview with Radio Liberty.

He said that people who live in the Donbas and who have suffered from conflict are not forgotten. “We would love to see the moment when they will establish a normal life,” said Walker.

“We sincerely want to find a solution. Russia remains the main engine of this conflict, she runs to military forces, intelligence, economy, exercise control over local structures. And if Russia will agree to Ukraine’s territorial integrity was restored, there would be peace. There would be an opportunity to rebuild the economy. It would be a joining of families. It would be all that we want to return to a normal life,” – said the representative of the United States.

The report of SMM OSCE: Russia “drove” the heavy weapons in the Donbass

“I hope that in the end Russia will do it. I don’t think that what Russia is doing in Ukraine, occupying the territory, somehow corresponds to the Russian interests. As for me, in fact it harmed Russia and helped unite Ukraine as a state. National identity in Ukraine is stronger than ever; a Pro-Western, Pro-European, Pro-NATO identity in Ukraine is also stronger than ever. And so I don’t think that what Russia is doing, it helps. And in any case, I hope they eventually stop and we will be able to bring peace to the people who live there,” said Walker.

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