Wake up the leader. The UEFA Europa League. Dinamo – Partizan 4:1

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DINAMO – PARTIZAN – 4:1 (3:1)

Goals: MOROZYUK, 6 – 1:0. JUNIOR MORAES (Morozyuk), 28 – 2:0. JUNIOR MORAES (Morozyuk), 31 – 3:0. JEVTOVIC (penalty), 45+3 – 3:1. JUNIOR MORAES (penalty kick), 78 – 4:1.

“Dynamo” (Kiev): Busan – 6.0 Mm. KENDZERA – 6.0 mm. Khacheridi – 6.0 mm. Kadar – 6.0 mm. Pivaric – 6.0 mm. Buyalsky – 6,0 (Garmash, 66 And 5.5). Shepelev – 6.0 mm. Morozyuk is 6.5. Shaparenko – 6,0 (Besedin, 77 – 6,0). Tsygankov – 6,0 (Gonzalez, 83 And 5.5). JUNIOR MORAES – 7,0.

“Partizan” (Belgrade): Stojkovic – 5,0. Vulicevic to 5.0. N. R. Miletich – 5,0. Mitrovic – 5,0. N. G. Miletic – 5,0. D. Pantić – 5,0. Everton 5,5 (Djurickovic, 77 – b/o). Jevtovic – 5.5. Suma – 5,0. Solomon – 5,0 (Ožegović, 66 – 5,0). TOWAMBA – 6.0 mm.

Penalties: Everton, 40. N. G. Miletic, 48. Morozyuk, 62. Djurickovic, 89. Shepelev, 90+1 (warnings).

Chances: 5 – 5

Shots (on target): 9 (6) – 8 (5).

Corner: 3 – 5.

Judges: GIL. Sapele, hell (all – Poland).

7 Dec. Kiev. NSK “Olympic”. 1 degree. 14 637 viewers (up 70 050).


with NSK “Olympic”

The opponent has provided to itself an exit from group for a long time – and if not breaks when the draw for the spring stage of the Europa League, prestige and a higher premium could relate to yesterday’s match without piety. Although thinking about a vacation commands a bit early: the people of Kiev will Sunday visit to Alexandria, and to Belgrade – severe Derby with Crvena Zvezda.

Dynamo, not inferior to Thursday night in five European home matches, a draw was enough to keep the group leadership while the enemies, not knowing of away defeats seven games in a row to encroach in the first place, needed only a victory. It is logical that Miroslav Djukic has brought to Ukraine and Everton received in the last match for Partizan painful blow to the knee, and played in several matches with an injury Zoran Tosic.

Even without these classifications, we would have guessed in just over an hour before the starting whistle of the one to whom the victory is more necessary. Kyiv footballers got out of the bus with smiles, Mykola Morozyuk, which is expected in the locker room, the captain’s armband, winked at the lens. Was hilarious and Tamas Kadar, pohlopyvaniem shoulders gets to meet the employees of the arena. Excessively cautious amid partners was just a Yevhen Khacheridi, hide behind the hood face. Apparently, already tuned into the game.


Facial expressions of Djukic on the same period stands of the corridor gave the alarm and most likely served as a touchstone for wards – towards the Partizan players didn’t exchange a word and their faces didn’t flinch a muscle. Start Protocol deciphered the emotions of coach guests: Everton markedly inferior rivals and partners in speed, but I almost sent in the opening stages of the ball under the crossbar, stepped into the middle of the field, and Tosic, whose mentor had promised to include in the proposal, was not found, and on the bench among the substitutes.

After George pulled Bowen sent Everton on the sly arc the ball, the people of Kiev held a retaliatory attack. Junior Moraes, saw no other continuation has a shot from outside the penalty box, Vladimir Stojkovic in the bottom corner the ball was parried, but left the opponents without the supervision of Mykola Morozyuk had a rebound and scored on the rebound off the rack. Taking in the wide-open arms once again emerged at the heart of Nikolay Shaparenko.

The stadium responded so far, only ovation – brought in a respectable amount of pyrotechnics, the audience in the course then it is not allowed. Restrained and a little later, when Theophilus Solomon after a series of Dynamo mistakes shot from outside the box into the hands of Busano. Silent when Morozyuk curled the free kick into the perimeter wall into the near corner, but Stojkovic – he miraculously pulled out by the corner. But soon the fireworks began to shoot in the fan sectors literally bursts.


Several unidentified fireworks arrived out of the ordinary sectors right on the field – neither the judges nor the players, passionate game, this seems not to have noticed. But the reaction of riot police in heavy gear not long in coming: men in black lined up along the row sector with one of the factions of the ultras, but to rise and provoke a conflict did not.

Meanwhile, the Dynamo have scored again. To the left hung Mr Shepelev, Shaparenko not too successfully extended the inning and the ball was in possession of unmarked Morozyuk on the right corner of the goal area. The captain had a good chance to score himself, but not greedy and Moraes returned the favor by giving under the impact transmission along the line.

Where something similar happened and the third goal. The ball ejected from a free-kick Partizan after a cross from Viktor Tsygankov, was returned by Josip Pivaric exactly Morosuke. He was on the verge of offside – now closer to the left rack, but even without looking at the assistant referee once again gave the ball to Moraes. The striker brought the ball into an empty net.


Solomon sent a powerful volley Khacheridi down, Everton earned a yellow card it Seemed to break the serious events in the game will not happen, but Seydouba Scrip suddenly caught in a free-kick for a leg Morozyuk – a dubious foul of this Dynamo was, as in Belgrade, the reason for the penalty. Busan the direction of the shot I guess – but the ball never reached.

The first half dragged and the second is started with a delay: the linesman broke the box, and he had to flee to the locker room for a new one. Routine conversations in the locker rooms of the players, especially inferior the expense of the guests, this rhythm was not shot down: in the first attack Partizan Nemanja Miletic (which N. G) not just made Morozyuk out front – doing it literally in the crosshairs of the views of the primary assistant and additional.

Even after consultation with Paul, Gil was limited to a yellow card and a penalty, from which, however, Kiev use not learned. But the guests decided to seize the initiative and Busano for seven minutes twice had to come into play. First, he is almost out of “nine” pulled the ball in flight, then Leandro Towamba unexpected for the player third number charge the goalkeeper in the head.


After a while Busan fix tightly the ball, dangerous flying hem. By the time of the episodes, which threatened a strike “partisan”, it will be possible to remember unless rapid spurt Shaparenko on a date with Stojković: Dynamo too close to the goalkeeper – and has missed its chance.

Khatskevich was just going to change Shaparenko, Artem Besedin, when Tsygankov at full speed burst into the penalty area and was brought down N. R. Miletic. Off the field the ball was brought back… stojković, something whispered to him and gently stroked along the smooth side. Did not help: Moraes with acceleration drove the ball into the net, spreading it and the goalkeeper on different corners.

At least one of the Dynamo replacements (and especially in the match with the plot) should have worked. And it almost worked: Besedin, just a half step outside of the game, who flicked it into the goal the ball, which Moraes was able to turn a already had a hat-trick in poker. The Brazilian had a chance to score for the fourth time, but sped away in the extra moments of the game to the counter, shared the ball with another “wild card” by Derlis gonzález.


And after the final whistle with the audience goodbye domagoj Vida. “Thank you all! I will remember you! You are in my heart!” said the Croat, taking the microphone from the DJ…

Miroslav DJUKIC, the head coach of Partizan:

We can only congratulate our opponents with this victory and out of the group in the first place. Must admit, today we played poorly in defense, conceding an early goal and before the break two more. I’m not going to discuss the validity of the penalty, after which they could requite one ball – it is a pity that in the second half failed to use the other chances…

Alexander Khatskevich, head coach of “Dynamo”:

– The score as a whole reflects the story of the match. Our team deserves praise today: we successfully completed the European autumn, and waking up tomorrow will see Dynamo at the head of the table in their group. Each game evolved for us in the Europa League group stage on their own, some places had to show character. Especially in an away match against “young boys”, the victory in which provided the early exit in the playoffs.

Plans for the winter transfer period is too early to discuss, but, of course, there are positions that need strengthening. To us, it is clear, now is not especially want to go – the situation in the country difficult. But the work is done – I hope that the players that are in our interests, still will be in Kiev. Someone of the players parted: level “Dynamo” all-taki it is necessary to comply…

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