Vitaly Kozlovsky shocked absolutely naked selfies: photos 18+

Ukrainian singer Vitaly Kozlovsky after a breakup with the bride first published lyrical posts, and now went even further and posted a photo of herself completely naked.
The Frank Kozlowski showed in Іnstagram, and in the post wrote in detail what kind of girl he’s looking for.
To become a girl Vitaly, you have to be gentle, economical, responsible and educated. And the age from 22 to 40.

Hi! My name is Vitaly. I am 32. Single. Live in prosperity. Generous. Gentle. Attentive. Without harmful habits. Looking for a bride??. Able to love. Gentle. With a good education. Economic. Responsible. The ages of 22 – 40. In the case of love, I promise to take care of, to satisfy the desires and needs, to make each day happy. #isotope #chocolove PS And slightly off topic, but today released a new video for “My sea”. The link in my account.?
Does, polirani app Vitaliy Kozlovskiy️ (@vkozlovskiy) GOV 6, 2017 about 1:45 PDT

Kozlowski also shared with the listeners, such as bathing in hot water.

“Everything will be awesome… someone just, someone gradually!!!” – wrote one girl in my comments to the previous photo. But better “gradually” rather than “immediately”, otherwise you can get)))???♂️? #gradually
Does, polirani app Vitaliy Kozlovskiy️ (@vkozlovskiy) GOV 4, 2017 4:28 PDT

But his ex-bride Ramina Eshakti also told what should be her boyfriend.
“I love men who know how to take care of, to wait, to love, to contemplate”, – she wrote.

Here is a photo I ?? I have a question:”Girl, young, under 25, well, why do you feed the men ?!” Let me explain … I Have friends ( let’s call it so ) a few males 22+ , which of course, consider themselves to be men no matter where, at their age ? A good family, a prestigious job, cool car, the girls always near Golden youth here And there on the way I am a girl who prefers older , 30+, frankly. And then the kids begin their game that they play with girls below 25 is to go to a restaurant/ karaoke, hang with upbeat friends and just hint at the passionate sex, as skated scheme, apparently , many people agree ? But , guys, I’m 25+, I myself can bring to the restaurant so fast and drive the coolest cars. I love gentlemen who don’t hang out in the club the shit out of the night and write messages like”How are you?” that in French means :” May not come for a long time ?” I love men who know how to take care of , to wait , to love, to behold . Men who have not visited everywhere ,and then climb up to me. I have this “draft beer” fed up ? Girls , 25- , don’t spoil the guys , they’re not worth it … PS: sorry for mistakes and for sentence structure, writing without editing
Does, polirani Ramina Eskhakzai Official (@raminalalala) GOV 4, 2017 12:31 PDT

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