Virt: “Zenith” has offered good money for Rakytskyy”

Yuriy Virt / FC movement

The former coach of Shakhtar Yuriy Virt believes that the departure of Yaroslav Rakitskiy in the “Zenith” will weaken the Donetsk club, who’s already had problems in defence.

Possible care Rakitskiy will significantly weaken the team?

“He wanted to go, and that’s his choice. Of course, many thought that Rakitskiy go into some respectable European club, but Zenit have offered good money.

Loss Rakitskiy will certainly weaken Shakhtar. He is the top player, the player of national team of Ukraine. Of course, the last time Yaroslav was not much, but I think it was a temporary slump in his career”.

Who will be able to replace Rakitskiy?

Shakhtar immediately bought Bondarenko. Don’t know what will happen next, but now the problem is team defense is obvious. In the first two matches of the year, the miners conceded five goals is too much. In defense of “Shakhtar” at the moment, definitely closed only one position left flank, where he plays ismaily”.

It was reported that Rakitskiy successfully passed the examination in “Zenith”. Shakhtar will receive 10 million euros, plus bonuses.

Yaroslav will be joining Zenit in the second collection of Petrograd.

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