View: “Messi sent thirty t-shirts with the autograph he believes that Croatia played the best football at the 2018 world Cup”

Photos / FOX Sports

The Croatia defender domagoj Vida in the comments said the Argentina forward Lionel Messi has sent a team of 30 t-shirts with his autograph.

“I have a shirt from Messi. And not only me but all players of the national team of Croatia. He sent us thirty t-shirts with the autograph, because, in his opinion, we played the best football at the 2018 world Cup. I don’t have any t-shirts from the French national team player. I did not want to change his shirt after the final and left her myself.”

Recall that Croatia was in a group with Argentina for the 2018 world Cup. In the match the Croats defeated opponent (3:0).

In the final the team were lost to France (2:4).

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