Vidal about the conflict with Kimmiko Cup final conferences-2017

Arturo Vidal


The Chile midfielder and Bayern Arturo Vidal commented on the clash with midfielder of the German national team and teammate Joshua Kimaam.

The incident occurred in the 59th minute of the final match of the confederations Cup, when Kimmich reserve goalkeeper Chilean Claudio Bravo, and Vidal stood up for the goalkeeper.

“It was a decent game. Passions ran high. We need to clarify something. After the game we haven’t seen, but after 20 days to meet. I just told him that we need to talk less and play more. But it’s all right, it’s just emotion. We’re still friends” — quoted by Vidal to Bild.

Commented on the incident himself Kimmich.

“It won’t be a problem at the first training session of Bayern. I didn’t say anything, he said to me a few things. But I don’t care, it happens in football,” concluded Kimmich .

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