Vice-President of FFU has built a career by using a fake diploma

In a Sport Arena got some interesting documents given the opportunity to investigate and detect serious fraud, which involved the Vice-President of FFU Vadim Kostyuchenko.

In may 2017 in Ukraine, a scandal broke. Volodymyr Bondarenko, Deputy mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, was a man with a fake diploma.

In a country where for a long time all is bought and sold, the trend was contagious. Now turn the “answer” Ukrainian football and his hero. The first Vice-President of the football Federation of Ukraine Vadym Kostyuchenko.

In a Sport Arena turned out to be documents on the basis of which formed a fascinating story.

In 1999, the applicant Kostyuchenko, Vadim Konstantinovich apply for admission to the Institute of international relations of Kyiv national University. T. Shevchenko. The correspondence Department, for the education of master’s specialty “international information”. What proof, a statement, signed personally by the entrant.

Interview Kostyuchenko V. K. successfully passed, as evidenced by the extract from the order, personally signed by University rector Skopenko V. V.

But to be enrolled directly into the master’s degree, must submit the certificate of previous higher education. So Vadim Kostyuchenko was the diploma of a series of LO VE n 0001912 dated 01.03.1997 (registration No. 9742).

In his statement to the Deputy Director of the office of distance learning, V. M. Matvienko asks to recognize him the subject of “computer science”. On the grounds that Vadim Konstantinovich supposedly studied in my previous University, the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Perhaps such statements Kostyuchenko V. K. wrote not one, perhaps, he asked to transfer credit and other items. In a Sport Arena, there is only one such a statement, but this is enough.

But becoming in 2002 a master’s degree in international law, Kostyuchenko and was not satisfied. A constant thirst for knowledge has not left the future of the football functionary. On the official website of FFU in his profile specified education: “the national Academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine, master of public management development”. Needless to say that there Vadym Kostyuchenko received on the basis of the diploma of the Institute. Shevchenko (for admission in this Academy you must first higher education).

But then – most interesting. Which took place in the infamous party SDPU(o), then the Party of regions, the suspect in coordination aunts in Mariinsky Park to disperse the Euromaidan activists, Vadim Kostyuchenko was able in time to make the right side after the victory of the revolution of Dignity.

In 2014 he was appointed to the post of the head of a Reception of citizens in the administration of the President of Ukraine. According to unofficial information, Sport Arena, checking of documents and the received signal on the first fake diploma Vadim Kostyuchenko. According to our information, the then head of the PA Borys Lozhkin personally gave the order to understand about this. Really starting to spliut out in October 2014 was open even criminal case on this fact. But at that time, Kostyuchenko, it seems, managed to get a communication such a level that it managed to hush up the whole criminal proceedings against himself. The materials of the case disappeared, and Lozhkin reported – say, the worker is clean before the law.

In a Sport Arena also have information on this case:

The number of criminal production – N942014100000001195 No. 1

Date of entry in GR – 10.10.2014

The Prosecutor’s office of Kiev. The Investigator – Palsy O. A.

But the most important thing in this whole story – this document from the investigation:

Response KPI on request were given a diploma LO VE n 0001912 dated 01.03.1997 for Kostyuchenko, Vadim Konstantinovich. The signatures of all officials of the University an official document reads: in the archives of the CRPD there is no such degree, and Vadim Kostyuchenko he issued.

Simple logical reasoning, we can conclude that the master of arts in international information Institute. Shevchenko KV # 17514933 from 05.04.2002 (registration No. 002), issued Kostyuchenko, Vadim Konstantinovich, invalid.

As well as the subsequent master’s degree in management of social development from the National Academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine.

Interestingly, in the official biography Kostyuchenko on the official website of FFU is not a single mention about the master of arts in international information from Kyiv national University named after T. Shevchenko. It looks amazing, especially when you consider that the education at the National Academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine cannot be obtained without a first degree.

Thanks to the first fake diploma Vadim Kostyuchenko managed to achieve assigning the grade III public servant.

Even an incomplete profile on the work Kostyuchenko on the website of the FFU says a lot. In addition to private entities, this person worked in the public service:

— Z 2004 to 2005, PP. pratsyuvav in posed pershoho defender Mnestra of Ukraine have the right family section, kids of Molod.

— Z 2010-2013 PP. Simav Posada pershoho defender’s head Desnyansko RDA.

— S 2013 to 2014 year pratsyuvav patron Director of Department – head of family management*, mold the sport Kiïvskoï msica derzhavno adminstrat.

— Z 2014 I thepersona hour – purshia patron’s head National olimpijskogo komatu in M. CIV.

And that means one thing: all this time the state of Ukraine was paid a salary person with a fake first degree and the other is invalid.

And it already falls under article 358 of the Criminal code of Ukraine part 4, which reads: “knowingly Using forged document shall be punishable by restraint of liberty for a term up to two years.”

And now it is time for law enforcement to find out how this could happen. All evidence base now they have in full.

* * *

No matter how hard the mayor of Kiev to hush up the story with a fake diploma of the Deputy Bondarenko, public outcry was stronger. Klitschko was forced to dismiss a subordinate.

The story Kostyuchenko completely identical to this. It is up to the President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko. The current boss of the Ukrainian football among subordinates is already convicted for the acceleration of the Zaporozhye Maidan and the people who voted for the dictatorial laws on January 16 with both hands.

I leave Pavelko among its deputies the man who was involved in a fraudulent diplomas?


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