Veteran ATO-presidential candidate handed the election Commission condemned supersu

In the 47th electoral district, which is Slavic and refers to district towns mykolaivka the head of one of electoral commissions were a kind of Natalia Vilenskaya. And all anything, Yes only her two years ago was convicted of organizing the “referendum”.

Dragged decorated with probation clerk in the election commissions presidential candidate, Yuri Timoshenko.

Lead convicted of organizing the “referendum” on creation “DNR” Natalia Vilenskaya will Commission 141236, as evidenced by documents that are in the public domain.

Chairman of the “Commission” Vilna was in 2014-m year, when the Russian terrorists decided to declare “denario”.

The verdict of the state employee is published in the unified registry of court decisions, and carried him 11 October 2017 Slavic city court.

Judges came to the conclusion that Vilna was the head of “election Commission” in the house of culture of the Slavic thermal power plant in Nikolayevka, and because the defendant fully admitted guilt, she was sentenced to five years probation.

A year later, the court exempted her from punishment.

It is noteworthy that the presidential candidate Yuriy Tymoshenko fought in the First battalion of the national guard and just released from Slavyansk Nikolaevka. And now cooperates with separable.

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