Vdtuv scale BDI

Not golosovania. Not it turns, – each Oleg.

Talking about politiku I prezidentsk vibor. Znajomi not against piti dlnco on 31 March, with a candidate Visnakovs. Ale n Bo TORK vipisana s apartment batkiv, abi m given a subsidy. Givet s home in orientovana pomeshkanni. Without a residence permit Yogo UNOSAT not have registration viborz. Mg bi Smythe the meeting place of golosuvannya, ale hi no agreement on rent of apartments, hi itsuno of work.

Middle MoH znajomych – iz a dozen scho live in one f, and residence, if I toil in Homo. Hate Dodoma a day wyboru not everyone knows, what does it turns. Shte be called a few more vtratili the right to vote, Bo vipisali iz apartments, if trival hvili mobliz in the army.

TA miy voice nichogo not Smyth, – doda Oleg. – Miy candidate all one Paramore.

A couple tiinv to Viborg znajomi nabira on mobline:

– Skilki me mozhut ago, prepisati in batiks apartment? Tyzhden to vistachit, if tomorrow will file a document?

Rospital, chomu smev rsena. Farther well mozhut, vratiti subsidy.

– The vchora in host plemniki came. Zadovoljen results scopitone, – each. For WSM – hni molodi candidate ldir. Seem: “Mi Ter pdemo in politiku. Sistuation for the law, abi hloptsi not served in an automated workplace . .. Vine dwellers not Bulo”. Posluhaev h I vdtuv scale BDI.


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