Vasyl LOMACHENKO: “Linares? The scalp that I need”

Vasyl Lomachenko. Photo: twitter.com

Double Olympic and world champion among fans, the owner of championship belts in professional the WBO title in two weight categories Vasyl Lomachenko (10-1-0, 8 KO’s) in the past year, I spent three brilliant fights and in all his rivals gave up early, throwing out his corner of the ring to the canvas in a sign of surrender a white towel.

It is not surprising that the most influential and popular teletranslated the most important fights on ESPN and HBO, the edition Fightnews called our Supervalu best boxer in the world-2017 regardless of weight categories.

This significant event has been devoted a press-conference in Kiev Mall “Gulliver”, attended by a numerous army of representatives of mass media and admirers of the unique talent of Vasily Lomachenko.

The celebrant, who on February 17 will celebrate its 30-year anniversary, thanking those present for congratulations on the conquest next vertex in a professional career and wishes new triumphs, came “under fire” television and still cameras, microphones and dictaphones journalistic fraternity.


– As for you Basil, it is important that the most authoritative TV channels and publications have recognized you as the best boxer in the world at the end of last year?

– Of course, for me this is very important because you want to be the best of the best. I strive for this throughout his career. Want to be on top. If you do your favorite thing, you should do it best. You have to be # 1. The fact that I recognize the best is what I do Boxing.

– In the world press lately sulky the question of who will be your next opponent. Called Jorge Linares, Mikey Garcia, Raymondo Beltran, Miguel Bartelt, Terence Crawford. So who?

– At the moment, as far as I know, negotiations are going on with Linares. Approximate date – may 12. Promoters attend to the nuances and said that during the week must sign a contract. I am sure 90 percent that it will be Linares, may 12, in new York, on the big stage.

– What do you know about Linares?

– A very strong opponent. He is the world champion of WBA in the next easy weight category. Experienced (47 held fights won 44 of victory, of which 37 early – VK), cool, fast, serial. I would love to go against him in the ring at a new weight class. Linares is a fighter. The scalp that I need.

– And do you know what are his weaknesses?

– I always look more on the strong side. And weak during the fight you can quickly see. Going to train under his style.

Someone going to invite sparring to prepare for this fight?

– Once the match is approved, once approved the name of the opponent, will find sparring partners with a similar style.

– What do you feel about the fight with Linares, and what emotions cause the pride that you represent in the global professional arena Ukraine?

– I want to remind you that long protecting the honor of our country and, I think, adequately. Nothing yet you can’t answer, because it is 100 percent certain that will fight with him and may 12. So while I feel nothing.


– In a recent interview you said that you make statements of possible future opponents. If they ignore, from who trio Linares, Garcia and Crawford purely bokserski more interested in?

More interesting to me Mikey Garcia. He’s just closer to me in weight. So – and interesting. Why not Crawford? Maybe I’ll think a year and a half, when a little gaining weight, dimensions older. If they did grow up. Then I could say about Crawford. And for me personally, Crawford is still far.

– How do you prepare before a fight and what inspires you to win?

Adjusted usually. There is a training limit, when you’re preparing for a fight.. There are pieces that you do. In the day of battle just scroll the program that you laid on for two months. You are laying the plan himself in the head and then try to implement. Intention to perform a task that you put the coach and the strategy. What inspires you? It is possible to dream a little: not inspiring, and motivating. There is a motivation to be the best, to leave your mark in the history of world Boxing. This is the motivation that makes you work hard.

– Are you disappointed by the fact that in recent times opponents give up early in the breaks between rounds. You obviously would like to finish fights not thus, but by knockout?

– Yes, of course, would like to see the fights not over. Because Boxing is a profession of a Gladiator. As if the fight didn’t happen, you have to lose with dignity, not on the chair. So every time I entered the ring, you are obliged to demonstrate their best qualities. I really would like to see fights ended a little differently.

– Are there any conflicts or disputes with his coach-father Anatoly Nikolaevich?

– Previously, very often there were disputes.. I’m not agree. Now both the experience and age is like this in Boxing that you know every fight that you win, as far as necessary to perform tasks of a coach and a father. It is properly preparing you, and you start him more trust. And understand that you are on the right track.

All, obviously, know that your father and his methods are very interesting ways to train from childhood and even to plunge head first into the water. Now some new special nuances he applies and does disciple-son to do in training?

– He absolutely did not make. You are wrong. I am a professional athlete and I understand that I need to work out. Special training is, they have not changed. The only difference is the size, quantity. And so, in principle, were all the same hard work that it was before.


– After your victory over Rigondeaux Floyd Meriwether noted that Lomachenko beat Guillermo because it is small in weight and growth. What do you say?

– It is his opinion. If you look deeper, let’s recall the history of his fights. When Meriwether to his weight drove Marquez, who weighed 59 kg. And he drove him, in my opinion, 63 kg, 66 kg, even. Exactly the same story was. Here it so happened that they had jointly agreed on the desire to fight. And we have so happened that Rigondeaux challenged me to a duel. I’m not shouting that they want this fight, I need it, come on, I’ll fight him. No, Rigondeaux wanted to do it. I invited him to the category of less, then the difference is not so huge would seem in size. I went to two categories above, and he decided he wanted to box with me in the twilight of his career. Then so be it.

All the same, Mayweather, by the way, recently said that promoter Bob Arum you don’t pay extra in fees. This corresponds to the truth?

– If you find someone who will offer me more, I with pleasure will listen to you. I have a contract that I signed, and whose all terms , including fees, are fulfilled. In this regard, I have no questions. Am I worth more? Of course, I’m worth more than that.

– On many sites is controversy regarding the fact that the fall can be your fight with the legendary world champion in four weight classes 39-year-old Manny Paquiao. Is it possible the encounter with this famous Filipino?

– Fight with Paquiao is talking. I hope that the level of conversation it will remain. I would not want to box with a man who became a legend, but now is in the twilight of his career. With a person who is retiring. Plus the issue of the difference in weight: I box 61 kg, 66 kg. for Him to come down to my weight, he will not do it. I’m not ready to climb to 66 kg in order to fight Paquiao. Today I do not want it to go…

– Against a boxer’s dream to get in the ring?

– I didn’t even think about it, to be honest. There is no dream – with any.

– Do you have idols?

– No. Now I’m not.

– The performances of which, for example, three prominent in the history of Boxing professionals, ended his career, you was the most interesting to watch?

– From childhood I loved to watch fights involving Mike Tyson, Roy Jones. And there was still a rocky Marciano. Behind them was interesting to watch.

– Do you feel the support of a group of fans in the United States and the growth of its popularity here in Ukraine?

In the USA people watch sports, love sports, especially Boxing. There are people who know me. Especially when come to some Boxing events. Experts and fans who love Boxing, of course, know about my last name. As for Ukraine, then, of course, I feel, see support.

– You are now mainly live and practice in the United States. How often visit native Odeschina?

Six months of the year I live in California. There for two months, prepare for each match. In the year I have about three fights. The other six months in Ackerman. Here’s a chart.


– Is there enough time for children, and dream that his son followed in your footsteps and became a famous boxer?

– Time is never enough. It is not so much, when I can be with the kids. And there is a time when is the training going? And leave for two months, and not see them. For my son – too early to tell. Yes, probably, and there is no need.

– What do you sports expect this year?

Plans for 2018? Conquer the world. Specifically on fights – I don’t know. With my last bout two months passed, and the next opponent is still there. I would like to unify the championship belts, to meet with Beltran, Mikey Garcia. But it’s all talk. In Boxing it’s hard to predict for two or three fights ahead.

– Saturday, February 17, you 30-year anniversary. How are you going to celebrate?

– At home, in Ackerman. In the circle of family and friends.

– Is there a limit of perfection and feel that can be in the ring even better?

– Yes, of course I do. I will say more: I know what can be better. And every day working on it…

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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