Vanga predictions: what events await us in 2018

Bulgarian prophetess Vanga predicted two important events awaiting humanity in 2018. Many believe that blind woman, who is credited with the gift of foresight, has already warned mankind about events such as the terrorist attacks in USA on 11 September 2001 and Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.


Allegedly, Wang, which is sometimes called the “Nostardamus with Cormorant” predicted the future up to 51 century which, she predicted, would be humanity’s last.

As reports Daily Mail, according to the predictions of Vanga, in 2018 China will be the main superpower on Earth, surpassing the USA in terms of GDP and in terms of influence on global processes. According to another forecast, Venus is soon to be discovered “a new form of energy.” As noted, China indeed shows a rather rapid growth rate of the economy, while talking about his upcoming leadership is still quite difficult. As for Venus exploration missions to it for the next year is not planned, so the probability that this planet will be discovered something curious to 2020-ies, not too big .

The name Vanga was very popular in Russia over the past decade, she had devoted a lot of documentaries and feature films. Many believe that a woman really could predict the future, but many of the acclaimed her “predictions” failed to materialize — in particular, for a long time it was believed that in November 2010, according to her prediction, was supposed to start a world war involving nuclear and chemical weapons, which would last until October of 2014 and led to the disappearance of animals and vegetation in the Northern hemisphere. Also in the past actively discussed the interpretation of one of the predictions of Vanga, according to which Barack Obama was supposed to be the last President of the United States.

Some believe that to maintain a reputation as a prophetess Vanga in life was helping the representatives of the service sector, collecting information for her in the hope that thus ensure the popularity of the region among tourists.

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