Van Gogh gave his ear to a prostitute

On March 30, 1853-St – born Dutch artist Vincent Willem van Gogh.

Over the last 10 years of my life, studied painting, he made about 800 paintings and more than 900 graphic works. Sold only one work. Today his paintings are the masterpieces of world art, which are included in the list of most expensive paintings in the world. It is symbolic that the popularity they have gained only after the artist’s death. The most famous: “the Starry night”, “Sunflowers”, “Irises”, “Starry night over the Rhone”, “the potato Eaters, Portrait of Dr. Gachet”.

He was born in the family of a Protestant pastor. On his early years, he wrote: “My youth was gloomy and cold and sterile”. Not having young professional education at the age of 15, Vincent got a job as a dealer in art-trading firm of his uncle, first in the Hague and then in London.

He, like the other two nephews of uncle traded works of art.

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Vincent quickly learned to appreciate paintings. And annoyed that the buyers chose primarily worthless things. When asked what he thinks about some engraving, openly said that it’s terrible. And buyers went, nothing acquired. He hinted that fired through him, the gallery carries a loss.

“I can’t waste my life by selling the fools a crappy picture,” snapped van Gogh left London.

He decides to become a pastor like his father. Goes to a mining town in the South of Belgium. Daily preaching. Visit each shack, bringing bread, milk, and words of comfort. Receive 50 francs a month. This is enough food and warm clothes. Vincent still hurts that he at least has it, a miner’s children wearing clothes of burlap and hunger eat rats and lizards. He moved to the worst hut in the village, their own money to divide among the miners, lives on the coffee. So, says, the right to preach to them the Word of God. And the Church leadership on the strangeness of Vah Gogh looks askance. In the end he is called a madman, and lose her place.

Somehow seeing the old miner stooped, van Gogh takes out a pencil stub and on the return sheet from your father’s letter draws a little figure of a man. Since then and until the end of life, and left him 10 years, he paints.

He draws for hours every day. Tries different styles and trends. Picturesque ideas of van Gogh too bold and unconventional for the time. Once he almost got into a fight with the teacher of drawing at the art Academy in Antwerp, where he went to study. Van Gogh was given the task to draw the Venus de Milo. He drew the goddess too much, according to the teacher, and hips. The teacher in a rage he cut it with a razor.

“Damn you! cried van Gogh. – A woman should be and hips, and buttocks, and pelvis, so she could keep a baby in there!”

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On the street he meets an older prostitute themselves for Sin. She has five children, is drinking and pregnant again. Van Gogh encourages her to live together. Their miserable life believed harmony could paint and used Sin as a model. Brother Theo difficulty persuaded Vincent to marry a prostitute.

A year in art love Margot Begemann, a neighbor of his parents. Van Gogh reciprocates, but her parents do not consent to a marriage with a madman. Margo takes poison. Her save. But the rest of her life she will spend in the house for the mentally ill.

The works of van Gogh, no one buys. Vincent can’t earn even a piece of bread. Home and the familiar reproach that he is a parasite. Only the youngest 4 years brother Theo is a successful gallery owner gives him money for food and paint.

Van Gogh moved to Paris. Keen on the Impressionists. Quickly understands: the artists feuding with each other – the collapse of ideals.

In Vincent there are frequent dizziness, insomnia, and the first attacks of epilepsy. In February 1888 the first he runs to the city of Arles in the South of France. More than a year, spent the most productive period. He is red-haired, emaciated, with a painful gleam in his eyes – writes fast and a lot.

Subsequently, there comes the artist Paul Gauguin. Lives in the same house that takes van Gogh. Two artists can not get along, often arguing. Once in the cafe van Gogh threw a glass at Gauguin’s head. He managed to escape. And on 24 December 1888 in the street attacked his friend with a razor. Gauguin, not saying a word, looked at van Gogh in the eye, and he retreated.

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Vincent ran home in a fit and cut himself with a razor part on the left ear. Wrapped it in a cloth and carried to a brothel, where he used to go with Gauguin. Asked to speak to the prostitute Rachel. Handed her his ear and told him to “take care of this thing”. The woman lost consciousness. And van Gogh staggered back home and fell into bed. Where it in the morning and found the police and was taken to the hospital.

On the evening of 27 July 1890 van Gogh left his home in the town of Auvers-sur-Oise, about 30 km from Paris. With his easel and paints, went to the wheat fields. It took borrowing from someone you know the gun – took the alleged shoot the crows and shot himself in the chest. Badly wounded returned to the hotel.

“Sadness will last forever,” were the last words of the artist.

July 29 at 1: 30 he died. He was 37 years old. Theo after his brother’s death fell into a deep depression. He lived another year and a half in the house for the mentally ill in Auvers-sur-Oise. His wife buried him near the hospital. But once I read the words from the Bible: “are Not they left and in their death”. And subsequently reburied near Theo Vincent.

There is also a version that he was killed. Forensic expert from USA Vincent Di Maio argues that van Gogh has indeed become the victim of an attack. It could kill a teenager from France Rene Secretan.

According to Di Maio, Vincent van Gogh would be difficult to shoot in the chest with his left hand and impossible right. Also, the artist does not have traces of gunpowder. The description of the wounds allowed Di Maio to assume that the shot came from a distance of 30-70 cm, and hence, probably, the artist was killed.

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