Valentine’s day: signs and traditions associated with the holiday of lovers

Celebrate 14 Feb Valentine’s Day is a holiday let and informal at times don’t approve of some sectors of society, but always popular. It is assumed that its history goes back to the days of Ancient Rome, so it is not surprising that this holiday is surrounded by many will, and customs, in addition to the tradition of giving each other Valentines.

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As stated on some sites on the Internet, Valentine’s Day becomes “good” even signs, which at other times are not — in particular, a broken mirror foretells happiness in love, and forgotten things at home — good news from the second half. At the same time, bad juju is to stumble and miss — although given the situation with snow in some regions of Russia too seriously to take it not worth it.

It is also believed that if at the feast the girl looks at the sky, the birds that she sees, will symbolize future suitors — for example, dove portends good men, a Sparrow is a hard — working, and a crow influential. Especially good omen is if the first bird seen in the sky, will be the bullfinch .

As for tradition, Valentine’s Day, in addition to postcards, or notes, it is customary to give gifts made with your own hands. Also in some countries a popular gift is a red-and-white caramel — the first of these flowers symbolizes passion, and the second is sincerity.

Some of the customs of the late nineteenth century may seem to modern people are quite exotic. In particular, it is argued that more than a century ago on the eve of the holiday young people and put in the ballot box corresponding to the number of tickets with the names of young girls, and then take out each one ticket. The girl, whose name is so battered a young man, became for the next year his “Valentine” for the next year of their relationship was supposed to resemble the relationship between a knight and his “lady” as they are described in medieval romances.

Saint Valentine, after whom, according to legend, named tomorrow’s feast was a field doctor and a priest, who under the cover of night sanctified marriage loving men and women, when marriages were prohibited by the Roman Emperor Claudius II (it is thought that a single man, not burdened with wife and family, it would be better to fight on the battlefield). According to the same legend, the first “Valentine” was written by Saint Valentine himself being sentenced to death, he was thrown into prison, where he fell in love with the daughter of the jailer and wrote her a note.

Yesterday MK presented a selection of works of Russian classical poetry that tomorrow you can congratulate your soul mate.

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