Valentin Nalyvaychenko has put forward the candidate on a post of the President of Ukraine

Delegates to the national Congress of the party “political Movement Valentin Nalyvaychenko “Justice” today, January 3, unanimously voted for their leader Valentyn Nalyvaichenko as a candidate in the next presidential elections of Ukraine which will take place on 31 March this year.

Thanking the Congress for trust, Valentyn Nalyvaychenko said that “the presidency is not for the chair but for the people”. In his tenure as President Nalyvaichenko promises to rely only on his own people and the law.

Everyone should be equal before the law: the President and an ordinary citizen
– he is convinced.

Nalyvaichenko is convinced that “the President should be for all citizens of Ukraine standard of honesty, integrity and nearuniversity. The President has no right to steal and lie,” he notes.

Nalyvaychenko will waive presidential immunity and privileges and immediately after the election of the President will submit to Parliament a draft Law on impeachment of the President. He also promises to deprive the immunity and privileges of MPs and judges. “The function of the President to serve the people, not hide from them behind the walls of his office and the immunity,” – stressed the politician.

As President he will never allow tyranny and corruption on the part of other branches of government,
– said Nalyvaychenko.

Their priorities on a post of the head of state the presidential candidate of Ukraine considers the restoration of peace, the abolition of corruption and put the country back on the path of development. Nalyvaychenko said about the readiness immediately after his election President of Ukraine start the work of the anti-corruption court.

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