Useful whether black pepper?


Like salt, black pepper is present on almost every kitchen table in America. But, unlike sodium compounds, black pepper attracted little attention of experts. Is it a healthy choice?

Some studies have linked a marinade of black pepper with the elimination of heterocyclic amines, which are carcinogenic chemicals that form when meat is roasted or cooked at high temperatures. A group of Kansas state University found that mixing one gram of black black pepper to 100 grams of ground beef, which is about one teaspoon of black pepper half a pound of meat, almost completely eliminates the formation of carcinogens during cooking.

Although this amount of pepper can be too spicy for some, the study’s author says that the mix of pepper with oregano, rosemary and other herbs in the same ratio of spices and meat should provide the same benefits for the reduction of the carcinogen.

Pepper can also aid digestion. “There are a number of animal studies that indicate potential benefits of pepper for the gastrointestinal tract,” says Keith Singletary (Keith Singletary), Professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois.