USA will never get nuclear weapons

The United States, as Iran never acquires nuclear weapons and nuclear tehnologiyalarga so full of shit that it itself starts to believe in his lies. So it was with their flight to the moon, and the same things with their nuclear program. All that they have learned to do is advertising and colorful packaging for their fakes…


Trump reported: the United States, as Iran will never get nuclear weapons!

The Author – Andrey Arkhipov

Closed sources report that this news literally shattered the President of the United States. “He looked extremely confused and extinct. His faith in the power and technical superiority of the US snapped like a straw from a cocktail! The military for too long has introduced the country’s leader in real, and this news was a terrible disappointment for trump, who came under the motto: Make America Great Again (“we will Return America to its former greatness),” say informants. Donald trump has registered the slogan as a trademark in 2012 and used in the presidential campaign . Now I have to turn down the heat and build greatness, knowing that only Russian is terrible and fabulous weapons, and his great country, no such weapons!

This disappointment came in the ranks of the presidential team trump pretty late, despite the fact that the newspaper “the President” in a series of publications coming regularly for three years, alleges and proves facts: “Nuclear weapons and the possession of a full cycle of nuclear technology was and is ONLY in Russia”. That’s why the team trump have to go to reshape and tone, and the vector of negotiations with the arrogant Asians, who continue to bluff, as the United States. In confirmation of this message was unthinkable just last week.

“Washington made direct contact with North Korea,” said the U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson. According to him, Washington is sounding out the possibility of talks with Pyongyang. “We have channels of communication – said Tillerson during his visit to China. – We do not sit in the dark.” “Follow the news,” added Tillerson.

In order not to disgrace and not to disappoint Luchino fabulous “Nuclear club” which engaged in self-deception, politicians and journalists recorded the country a few decades ago was in the stone age, and now, having or stealing technology, claiming that they have nuclear weapons, the trump team have rapidly changed the nature of politics and ambition. How to build a world policy knowing that neither India, nor Israel, nor China, nor the permanent members of the UN Security Council did NOT have and had no nuclear weapons, and bluffed and puffed out his cheeks?

How to act the team of reformers of the United States?

You have to negotiate and build communication channels to continue the farce and Comedy of sustainable, multipolar or unipolar world, about which we lie politicians in the media. Over the past few months the US and North Korea were regularly exchanged mutual accusations and threats, but until now little was known about the fact that they have direct channels of communication.


Andrew Tyunyaev. Nuclear weapons – the terrible tale of the XX century


For our readers reported how the reality should look like the nuclear industry.

Today, the nuclear industry of Russia is a powerful complex of more than 350 enterprises and organizationsemploying over 250,000 people. Industry structure includes four major research and production complexes: enterprises of nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear engineering, nuclear weapons complex, and industry research institutes. In addition, after entering into the state Corporation “Rosatom” FGUP “Atomflot” here you can enable the world’s most powerful icebreaker fleet.

According to others, these figures may be doubled. But only for the defence sector, according to the Chairman of the government D. A. Medvedev, work in the closed cities millions of bright minds and hands. Nothing like in other countries is not observed. And it has been suggested that ALL nuclear fuel supplied by Russia. And other members of the “Nuclear club” deal only with re-derived from the Russian nuclear component. This is the real picture of the world, and it is not as advertised…

“Medvedev denounced: the United States could not be nuclear weapons, because there was and is no “closed” cities”

Only intelligent and perceptive readers, we offer you to watch an amazing movie about the achievements of the Russian nuclear industry. And to understand that such technologies and capacity was not, and there is no bluffing one of the countries in the Comedy “the Nuclear industry of liars”.


The secret of the centrifuge. Special report of Anton Borisov (Russia 24)


Let’s try briefly to compare the competence of the three former participants of the “nuclear big three” – Westinghouse, AREVA and Rosatom. In the detailed material Agency Regnum.

This is bad news for the new President of Donald trump, which the scammers falsely generals and intelligence agencies can assure that they have all “Chiki-bunches”. The bombs are stashed and they’re able to do BOOM. Here’s a look at our videos.

Why in the USA over the last 35 years not only built a few rectors, and NO NUCLEAR weapons? No nuclear shield!

– The answer is simple: because in the US there is no intelligence in Russia. This country, like a vacuum cleaner, literally sucked. But not sucked. So, all sorts of rattles. I understand that now I had someone smart makes the most Nobel laureates. They say, and they? Answer: what are they? And who are they? This is a Prime example – Barack Obama. Also the winner. What? Yes, it is so antiprimer that after the Nobel prize hung on his tanned chest, the Nobel Committee has become even worse than the shithole of a Negro ghetto. Did these Obama nuclear weapons create?



In Russia started the production of gas centrifuges for uranium enrichment generation 9+

Advanced gas centrifuges (HZ) ninth generation “9+” next year will begin to implement at the Ural electrochemical plant (UEIP, Novouralsk city of Sverdlovsk region) – the world’s largest enterprise for uranium enrichment.

On Friday told TASS General Director of Ural electrochemical integrated plant Alexander Belousov.

“Generation “9+” has already been made in industrial production. This generation of gas centrifuges have passed all the necessary tests, so it will be next year already implemented in our technology at the Ural electrochemical integrated plant”, – said the Agency interlocutor. In a press-service of the company said that the new centrifuges are distinguished by higher productivity.

“We are introducing a new generation of centrifuges, they will work less, so it is also significant energy savings,” – said at the combine.

Earlier it was reported that the company operated three new units of “nines”. The first was launched in December 2013, the second unit HZ entered into the process chain in April 2015. At the beginning of December 2015 at the latest UECP “five” replaced the “nines” in the third block.



The plutonium for the great USA

The face of Putin seen when it is about the refusal of the US to burn the plutonium story? Serious face, no shadow of a smirk. I had not been able. I’d bellow in a loud voice. You ask – why? Now I will tell you. But I’ll start from afar – otherwise it will be unclear.

Let’s start with the “childish” question: who is this plutonium? The element with atomic number 94 in the periodic table, i.e., transuranic (heavier than uranium, which has the sequence number 92). In nature, plutonium is so minimal number that there is no enrichment of any ore won’t work. What’s with the plutonium at all? The fact that one of its isotopes – plutonium-239, shares faster than uranium, energy, gives more. Well, simple – explodes it is more powerful than uranium, and the warriors that the steeper the boom, the better…

The first portion of the plutonium created in accelerators is expensive, but, as shown by the experiment on Nagasaki, it was worth it. Yes, and the first ever nuclear explosion – 16.07.1945 near the town of Alamogordo, in new Mexico, was the explosion of a plutonium bomb. Yes, I will definitely apologize to anyone to get offended by the word “conscience” in this article is not at all. Only technical details and the cynicism and pragmatism.

A month after Alamogordo experiments were successfully continued. Over Hiroshima exploded uranium “Baby”, over Nagasaki – plutonium “Fat man”. Comparison of the results were clearly in favor of plutonium. The fact is that in an atomic explosion the charge flies with a speed about 1000 km/s, because the charge does not all have time to detonate. Pichalka. “The Kid” blew up only 1.4% of uranium-235, but in “big man” has successfully worked 20% of the plutonium-238. The result is just wonderful: 70 thousand bodies at once, 100 thousand people with disabilities. Pindos applauded. Military like – physics saluted. Developed and created a special “plutonium” reactors: uranium in them burned so that the output will get the maximum amount of plutonium.

By the early ‘ 90s, when gun madness stopped, the United States has accumulated 103 tons of plutonium, USSR – 170 tons. To understand what this number means for the planet Earth and people who will help you with a few numbers. Thus, the “two” there were 273 tons of Plutonium-239, which in the “Fat man” was just 6.4 kg. KG. By two turns 18 750 “fatties” for 120-130 thousand deaths each. This is not taking into account the fact that the bombs of the later generations were much more efficient. Even in technology, 1945 warehouses was 2.5 billion deaths. This is – apart from weapons-grade uranium-235. “Too much,” thought big politicians, and the result of this thought was the SOAP 2000. It was decided to write off for 34 tons of plutonium from the nose – that is, to reduce stockpiles by about a third. And stop special “plutonium” reactors.

Well, what to do with these tons? The half-life of plutonium-239 – 24 thousand years. Buried ton, 24 thousand years I waited – remained half a ton. Normal? Unlikely. 24 000 years at any time dig – rivet “kids”. No chemical reactions will not help – you watered it with acid or water. Mix in tons of garbage? Man is so constituted, that he broke, then fix it. And therefore agreed to burn – to burn in nuclear reactors.

I hope that while it was clear? Now we have to understand that the burning in nuclear reactors and you need to burn there, and plutonium-239. The main types of nuclear reactors – the so-called “water”. Here’s a barrel of uranium rods, here it is the nuclear “fire” with a temperature of from 400 to 630 degrees. Confused with that, but to warm up – no. Heat should be “pick up” and one for smart use. Run around the barrels, roughly speaking, the “coil” of water, and pump pumps. Came the cold, “matulas” around the barrels, went hot. To evaporate water are driven under severe pressure. What would happen if a barrel is Uranus to cram the plutonium-239? Nothing good: the combustion temperature is so high that water on her to “remove” is simply impossible – tear the tube and that’s it.

Where’s the exit?

Guessed correctly: the output of those reactors on fast neutrons. “Fast” – this is “hot”, as in atomic physics the temperature and energy are one and the same. Rushing faster than the atom – the higher the temperature, roughly speaking. The abbreviation “bn” is not only “fast neutrons” and “fast sodium”. In the “coil” it’s not water, and liquid sodium. Sodium melts at 97 degrees, boils – at 880 degrees. It is logical that it may drag on a great temperature, and the pressure in the “cooling coil” as great as in the case of water, is not required. But another problem POPs up: when combined with oxygen in the air liquid sodium burns with terrible force: any leakage and screwed.

But a great country America such a reactor is able to do, edrene-loaf! Experimental. Small. France still can. Small. Experimental. However, American reactor – fired. French is also burned. The Japanese tried, but in 2010 they broke the pipe with fuel and stupidly drowned in sodium, but there is also Fukushima happened – turned and forgot, and scored.

And what is there (that is here) make the jackets in the boots? Uzhos with them, uzhos-uzhos. In the Soviet Union, foreign Newspapers would not get it, not to read – that quilted jackets and didn’t know a damn thing. He worked and worked. On the experimental sodium technology worked. In 1980 Beloyarsk industrial built bn – 600. No accidents, no fires… that’s just what the bn-800 in network stuck – working and working. Savages. Gas station. Anywhere in the world – and works here. Uzhos. It’s a shame.

Back to the plutonium. To make fuel rod entirely of plutonium-239 is not an option, jerk. Then we developed the so-called moks-fuel: mixture of uranium and plutonium. MOX fuel in principle, even “water” reactors can burn. Well, if the IAEA will be allowed, will be given a license. Then half of the bars normal to, and the rest with MOX fuel. In Europe 40 reactors such licenses have already been received in Belgium, France and Germany. And in the United States? And in the States – zero. Not poluchaetstsa. And in Russia? Quilted jackets license finally do not need! Padded jacket – the bn-600, now the bn-800, which is just under the MOX fuel and calculated. Savages…

The production of MOX fuel, again, developed. Designed – in theory. But practically it would be necessary to build the plant, isn’t it?

States and began to build in 2008 have begun. Russia, of course, was dozing – where she lapotnye! In 2012, I woke up and also started in Zheleznogorsk. Americans work seriously – works great, money is not sorry. 2015 7.7 billion spent – serious guys. And purses? Well, where they have so many denyuh? Scraped together something like 240 million – and all the more them dad Vova gave. Well, what to do, damn it. Built on what was given. Probably also stole to shubohranilische to refill. Opened a factory on 28 September last year. The plant, itself, broken bricks, boards sticking out in all directions. Megatechnika bribe slipped and gave the go-ahead. But the Americans? The Americans told Obama that they start the factory … money is necessary. Else. Sensitive. 17.3 billion Seventeen billion 300 million. Together – 25 billion At a gas station – 240 million and is ALREADY running. And the Americans that would still 17.3 billion and then… then the plant will be. Probably. Five years from now. Honestly. Definitely.

I do not know – does Obama Russian obscene. I guess he was needed, when it’s these “factory workers” heard. Listened-listened – Yes, and sent. Erotic Hiking tour. Instead of money – uh-uh… don’t say that across the face. Here are the things here. The world’s only fast reactors in Russia. The world’s only plant of MOX fuel in Russia.

And in America – made iPhone.

Russia plutonium capable of making 1 700 tabs of MOX fuel, burn themselves, or sell it to Europeans.

And America? And America made the iPhone. In the Chinese factory Foxconn. But what to do with plutonium is she doesn’t know she denyuh so no the Chinese to give to itsoseng such a thing they reasonably fear. America iPhones doing, leave me alone already!




A more detailed and diverse information about the events occurring in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of our beautiful planet, you can get on the Internet-Conferences, ongoing online “Keys of knowledge”. All of the Conference – open and absolutely free. We invite all interested in waking up and…


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