USA destroyed the Soviet army in 2017

USA destroyed the Soviet army in 2017 godorozha their weapons instead of Soviet the West decides not only their economic but also geopolitical objectives. Selling for your credits, your outdated junk they get in return for the debtor, which can be easily manipulated…


Whom war, and to whom mother is native. How the US destroyed the Soviet army in 2017 year

Author – Alexander Staver

Just say for those who read only the title and the beginning of the article. Errors in heading no. The author did not smoke or drink. The conversation today will be about the Soviet Union. Or rather, Soviet weapons. Whatever it was, and the legacy of the Soviet Union in this field is so huge that even a quarter century after the collapse of the Union of the new Republic use Soviet weapons. And are quite successful. Our “old” Kalashnikov (AK) in various embodiments is at war, defend the borders of the new States, “obsessives” Western-style nonsense (like modernizarea)…

The events that occur in different regions of the former USSR, ultimately have one simple as ABC, target . It is necessary by all means to break the cultural, historical, political, economic and other ties with Russia. And it does not matter who then will be bound Republic. The main thing to break. In this “other” is and embracing the new armies.

Remember, the first blow was inflicted on the youth. Culture. We absolutely did not watch, and not really watch, to be honest, today, it “breathes” our young people. We consider that normal parents in a normal country can’t grow abnormal children. But they grew up! We got the generation in which a certain part has turned into “bulk“. Not particularly literate, but active. Such became the driving force behind the Ukrainian Maidan.

A similar situation occurs in morality. The age-old moral norms are successfully replaced with “modern” Western. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but today in most of the minds of our citizens firmly hammered the “truth” about the rightness of someone who has a fatter wallet. Maybe that’s why the fight against corruption, which we “lead” for many years, successfully ending the regular “landing,” now in the anti-corruption agencies. But thanks to the law of the fat wallet “landing” funny. Like Serdyukov and his team…

Well, it’s “sprinkling ashes on their heads” from the evil one. Everything seems to blame. And actually… no one. I personally are not to blame. Any reader too. “We” has no personality. We did it. But I was not involved in this… As we have some still enjoy a lovely kindergarten argument in the dispute. “I in elections did not participate. Therefore, the responsibility for everything that happens in the country do not carry!”. Now, it gets interesting. From the point of view of the goals set by the West in the struggle with Russia. Then the economy. I specifically focus on this aspect of the relations of Western countries and former Soviet republics. Just because to understand the algorithm of activities to breakup the economy is the most significant.

After it was announced the collapse of the Soviet Union, we have not even thought about a real collapse. How can you live without “fast” from the Baltic States? How can you live without Antonov aircraft? How can work the textile industry without Uzbek cotton? Where may disappear Georgian or Moldovan wine? It was all before our birth. I.e., it’s eternal… As eternal Azerbaijani, Tatar and Western oilman in the Northern Siberian regions. Well, they have experts. Moreover, the highest category specialists. And hardworking people to our palms…

However, it took slightly more than a quarter century. And what we see today? We see that it’s all gone. Something completely, forever. Something is still trying to survive. But it is trying. The youth already knows, for example, the existence of the once elegant receivers “WEF”. Moreover, the youth not only in Russia, but and there, where they produced

How did that happen? The easiest way to dump all the traitors in the government. The President-the agent of the United States or the EU. Russia, which “left us in the difficult years”… Today when Russia stood up, albeit unsteadily, but stood up, so to speak. And in the 90s? What country got the cuffs? In what country was this mode? Be drunk in the presidency? Who ate handouts from the “manor West table” as “Bush legs”? Who robbed Chubais and To this ambitious project of privatization?

We finished off. Finished off our economy. Beat on the most vulnerable places. Why do you need weapons if we’re friends? Why do you need the space, if you have NASA? Why do you need electronics, if the Japanese overtook the entire planet for decades to come? Why are youall? We all sell. You just gather resources and sell us…

Oh, how I want to write about our intelligence and ingenuity! What we quickly realized the plans of the West. About our struggle for the country. Alluding to the fact that the rest of the “breakaway” is not so smart… I Want to, but I won’t. Just because I think that we did not win, and Russia. As has happened before. Russian hugeness. Russian slowness. Russian mentality, if you will. We are not able to change quickly. We are so often subjected to all kinds of invasions that have learned to resist them. The West considered us “wooden” in the sense of the mind. You know, like a tree or pine, given our climate. Softwood, one word… Only I do not see how these “trees” are different from “pine trees”… no One wondered why, after Pala (a forest fire) in the spruce forest in its place grow… pine? No one wondered why the wind knocks short spruce and tall pine trees are?

Roots different! Spruce – lazy. Has roots in the upper soil layer. Where water and other nutrients more. A fibrous root system… And pine smarter. It is deep in the history of the Earth is increasing. Stem root system… I have about seeds of spruce and pine did not say. Spruce defenseless. Beetle ate fire and burned. Burns all. And the trunk, and cones… And pine? Pine cones which open only at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius! And grow better than without heat treatment”. Pine seeds are used fire for melting resin, which tightly seals the wood… And the smell is great fertilizer. Yes, and bugs of all sorts are unable to eat them. Resin… decades pinecone hanging on a dead tree, alive…

But back from the digression to the prose of life. The West, destroying the economy of countries, “placingpeople on loans and financial infusion, began to dictate the conditions of purchase of goods. We give you the loan, but provided that you will buy so-and-so. And in strictly certain place. Wonderful scheme. Look at the Ukraine. Russian gas via Slovakia… And it was everywhere. How about “damn the Soviet legacy” in the field of armaments? Yes, exactly the same pattern. Recall one small episode from the life again of Ukraine. The episode, which didn’t affect almost anyone. And in fact is very revealing and speaks volumes.

The TV channel “112 Ukraine” President Poroshenko stated the need for the construction of munitions factory at the standards of NATO. First and foremost, the production of ammunition of caliber 5.56 mm. the Council of national security and defence of Ukraine has allocated 1,5 billion hryvnias! Interested? How! Ukraine, the stocks of Soviet machines which today are such that only these stocks it is possible to equip all the European army, is building a plant for the production of ammunition for weapons that the Ukrainian army is considered exotic. And those cartridges that are now stored in the arsenals, where? Together with guns in grease?

For “gromadyan” is the universal version, which is tried and tested in bitwise with the EU. “Ukraine wants to join NATO! By 2020, we will transfer the army to the standards of the Alliance!” Ukrainiansshavaet“. They have long been such “people”. And rejoice like children, the “Peremoha”. Especially on television, the Ukrainian soldiers are apparently quite similar to Europeans. Form…

So what? Than the child played, if only did not cry? Maybe… but that’s head to twist need. Whether there are similar decisions in some other countries? Of course! Ukraine is too big a state to try. Then the big money will turn. And Americans don’t like to risk money. So I looked around… Georgia! Two weeks ago! May 30, 2017. From the message of the Georgian Ministry of defense: “the defense Minister of Georgia Levan Izoria and chief of staff Vladimir Chachibaia 27 may personally tested the M-240 the military training range at Krtsanisi (near Tbilisi). The handover ceremony of the American guns was held in the framework of the celebrations dedicated to the opening of a Joint center for training and assessments of the NATO-Georgia (JTEC) two years ago.”

So, Georgia started to gradually replace the PKM machine guns and Kalashnikov assault rifles on American weapons. Machine guns, M-240 and carbines M-4. Izoria just glowed with happiness, taking us weapons. “We have received hundreds of these guns which are the modern weapons of the highest standard. The process equipment will continue in the future. We repeatedly said publicly about it. And that is with equipment corresponding to the NATO standards and, of course, high-standard teachings, we will ensure the stability of our country.”

And how this is connected with Ukraine? The answer was given by US Ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly. Simply replace the name of the country, and… There is nothing new in this world. “I did two years ago arrived in Georgia and see how developing this infrastructure over this period. I’m glad we were able to transfer to the Armed forces of Georgia machine gun M-240, which is the weapon of NATO standards and further contributes to Georgian membership in the Alliance.”

It remains to reconcile my thoughts about the economy and weapons. Why I so much attention to the destruction of national economies and the credit expansion of the West? And it’s simple. On the same example.

The Agency “Interfax” has reported an interesting fact. Weapons will be purchased with funds that allocates US to increase the defense capability of Georgia! “Gas from Slovakia,” in the Georgian version… Again, I repeat, nicely played by the Americans. And play exactly the same in Ukraine.

What failed American analysts in Russia, I mean the species of coniferous tree, it is worked in the former Soviet republics. Not everywhere pine…

Only now, the stories of the participants in the war 08.08.08, when the brave Georgian army heroically skedaddle from South Ossetia, abandoned these M-4 and other American “good” it was a lot, but here’s an old AK was dragging with him. To the last dragged… But this is war. Not politics… And war weapons, the first friend and companion.




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