USA can surprise Ukraine to 2018

In the draft budget of the United States in 2018 the United States also provided financial assistance for Ukraine, which could become even more than it was in 2017.
This was told by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly, reports “UKRINFORM”.
“It is important that what is distributed in the internal political struggle in Ukraine on the alleged decline of aid from the United States is not perceived in Ukraine at face value. The facts say something different: today there is a solution in the Senate is to allocate not less, and even more (Finance – “24”) than last year”, – said Chaly.
The diplomat added that now the project is under consideration in the House of representatives. He reminded that Ukraine already has allocated from the Pentagon money in the amount of $ 150 million to educational programs, the armed forces and on special operations Forces.
My meeting in the Committee on appropriation revealed that there will also be approximately the same figure (as in the Senate, – “24”). That is, we will have the same support, and I think it even will be increased, the Ambassador said.

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